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Don't Judge Me by My Tights by Sascha Radetsky - Book Report/Review Example

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The report analyses the article written by Sasha Radetsky entitled “Don’t Judge Me by my Tights”, the essay expounds on the role of gender, particularly focusing on qualities of masculinity and femininity in various societal roles affecting the family, employment and even in ballet dancing…
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Dont Judge Me by My Tights by Sascha Radetsky
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Extract of sample "Don't Judge Me by My Tights by Sascha Radetsky"

Download file to see previous pages  The article made by Radetsky in 2008 associates the wearing of tights to the masculine image. In addition, being masculine is also associated with athleticism, handling lovely women, engaging in duels, moving like a gymnast or martial artist, expanding physical capabilities, and quick learning (Radetsky, 2008, n.p.). Also, there are works typically associated only for men or for women and cultural consciousness has made a significant impact on stereotyping, particularly on gender.For instance, the writer of the article battles against stereotyping on the male-ballet-dancer-stigma; that ballet is associated with being a feminine and not a masculine image. In other parts of the world, like Russia, dancing are valued and gender is disregarded but the writer of the article felt ridiculed in America where he chose to pursue his passion as a ballet dancer.  Macionis (2009) identified notions and instances where cultural patterns play a vital role in the honing of masculine or feminine image. For example, culture perceived that best women runners could never compete with men because of difference in athletic performance; women have longer lifestyle than men, and men are better in mathematics while women are strong in verbal communication. In the past, people of the United States associated qualities like passive, emotional, and cooperative to women while rational, active, and competitive to men. Similarly, one might notice that when a baby is born, pink is associated with baby girl and blue for the baby boy.  to the baby boy. As cultural consciousness becomes integrated, a significant involvement in mathematics and science are observed in men while women are geared toward humanities and fine arts which include language, painting, music, and drama.
Analysis of the Article
The difficulty encountered by a man to do a job that many people see as not masculine is not surprising. Although equality among men and women are being promoted, the root of stereotyping is deep and has been existed throughout history. With these, majority of the society still sees men in the jobs that involve wearing a pair of tights or jobs that are superior to women and focus on mathematics and sciences, for example, being a scientist, company president, or an accountant. For a culture that has these perceptions of what is being considered as masculine, it is definitely surprising to see a man doing dancing or ballet which is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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