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Project Outcome: the History of Health - Assignment Example

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The study collected data on the history of health. The paper documents the outcomes in an accurate and systematic way of demonstrating a better verbal, non-verbal, and written skills. Additionally, the paper further explains the missing data in the information gap…
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Project Outcome: the History of Health
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Download file to see previous pages Holistic health care for the patient differed from the conventional medical model. It recognized the mind influence and the spirits powerful. Additionally, it was delivered within the patient's life context. It also developed that visual of the whole patient. Subsequently, it acknowledged the perception of the patient's health and illness. Therefore, holistic encompassed many domains such as psychological, physical, advanced directives, socio-cultural, and health beliefs. Mr. Dennis Mark a 25-year-old boy was attacked by a stroke at his father's place three Days ago (Bickley & Szilagyi, 2013). He was admitted to the emergency section after being discovered by his sister. His condition is stable, but his extremity movement is confined. His skin turgor decreased, his mucous membrane and lips were dry and had a low urinary output. This demonstrated evidence of dehydration. The facility will create a systematic plan for Dennis Mark after knowing how to address his needs holistically and after figuring the potential and actual problems of Dennis Mark. Additionally, after knowing the patients' individual response to the problems (Bickley & Szilagyi, 2013).  Review of System: Most health problems are most contagious by other health medications OR problems. Please assist in feeling the below questions. Name: Dennis Mark _Age: _25 years_ Date: _27th July 2013_Regular Doctor: _ Marcus Olang_ Have you ever contracted below Medical problems? ( Tick X where appropriate).
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