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Health Information Management Project: Coppin State Community Health Center - Research Paper Example

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This paper is the break down of the data analysis that the project team obtained in the academic tour to Coppin State Community Health center which leads to the identification of the diverse issues relating to the state of the community. The author surveyed the Health Information Department. …
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Health Information Management Project: Coppin State Community Health Center
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Extract of sample "Health Information Management Project: Coppin State Community Health Center"

Download file to see previous pages There is a lack of standardized approaches to the documentation that would permit continuous records evaluated requirements and resultant strategies of health care. Following a number of services, every qualified group is still using separate case remarks, held or kept in diverse places, and not expected to be accessible when needed. The place of storing case records in the practice of local health services might show the slight pleasure of their significance. Take a situation where the hospital would like to attend to an emergency patient. Health information management does this. This office is ten miles far from the scene, and this is where the records are kept. Since there is a lack of an electronic system, the doctors cannot verify easily on the last contact of the patient they are about to interrogate. Local tradition does not make access to any available case record in the health center. During the operational hours, if it is identified that a case file is available, the medical records physician may be convinced to fax a few of the most current letters stored in the case record. Unfortunately, no such skill would exist. The excellent idea the doctor can then anticipate is that a nurse in the hospital delicate area knows the patient and be able to give some related information. Under such conditions, a practice can only be based on guesswork and speculations. Coppin state community health care is a well-organized institution with enough space to house the patients and the students. The Health information department contains three working areas for attending to the patients. The organization’s vision is to see that the patient’s care is improved and that the institution is known all over the globe (Donald, 2010, P.345). Their mission is to see that their vision is achieved. The department has laid down the following goals to make sure their vision is achieved.
By putting into practice the improved systems, the Healthcare providers get the motivation to lessen reliance on handwritten records and professionally file patient interactions, mechanize communications, track procedures and prescriptions, and offer clinical most excellent practices based on quantifiable knowledge base systems. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Health Information Management Project: Coppin State Community Health Research Paper.
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