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Nutritional Practices - Essay Example

Analyzing the nutritional practices can however identify useful insights to the governments of maintaining health and reducing the disease risks (Health.mo.gov). As more and more ethnic groups have come into existence in the United States, more trends to nutrition are prevailing among these culture groups including diverse eating habits and food practices. These diverse eating lifestyles are not innate rather they are formed and learned through different societies’ setups. However the essence of individual ethnic culture is still reflected in the mainstream of food culture hence, enriching the American diet with various cuisines from diverse cultures. United States inhabits few of the most popular ethnic groups including African-American, Asian-Indian, Mexican-American, among the others. The diet of African-American group consists of items that largely derive from the ancestral generations. Their food fare is known as Soul Food that contains dietary customs and food practices that largely depend on the socio economic levels of income and status. The staple of soul food consists of “greens” which collectively includes green leafy-vegetables, dandelion greens, pokeweed spinach and kale etc whereas their mainstay food item is corn. Grains are also considered as basic in their nutritional plan such as grits, rice, muffins, cooked macaroni and biscuits etc. They also take “sweet milk” as whole milk as well as butter milk. Variety of meat items compensate for their protein diet including beef,

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Potential impacts of vegetarian diet on nutritional adequacy
Those who include milk and other dairy products, and eggs, in addition to plant foods are called lacto-ovo-vegetarians (Barr and Rideout, 2004). Meanwhile, those who include eggs in their diet but avoid consumption of dairy products, meat, poultry, and fish are classified as ovovegetarians
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Nutrition essay
The nature of the food that people consume is being influenced by internal and external factors. These factors seem to influence the way the society nowadays perceive nutrition. The main factors including the traditional beliefs, values and customs attached to different ethnic groups have changed the way people consume food.
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Nutritional Management
Also, this literature will also discuss the importance of organization within the health care environment due to the fact that interprofessional skills are necessary in properly assessing and treating patients who have chronic health diseases such as those with diabetes.
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Nutritional Assessment
What one region of the world might utilize to properly assess the elderly and the quality of nutrition they receive will not be the same in every single community or social environment. This has to do with the fact that some might have religious beliefs which dictate to them that they should not consume certain foods even though they might need them for the vitamins and minerals they contain.
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A nutritional disease of childhood associated with a maize diet
ears, with the characteristic symptoms such as oedema mostly of the hands and feet, wasting, diarrhoea, irritability, sores of the mucous membranes, depigmentation and desquamation of the skin following a constant and unique pattern. Williams’ inference was that the causative
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Compare and Contrast Herbal medicine and Nutritional therapy
echniques are similar in that they aim at treating a person as a whole rather than the symptoms of disease that the patient is suffering from (Robson, 2003). Robson (2003) uses several concepts to define complementary medicine. These include health care related practices not
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Nutritional Care Plan
woman to generally increase her rate of nutrition as compared to regular moments in her life, a lot of pregnant women tend to abuse this and in turn develop eating habits that lead to medical conditions that eventually affect them. According to the Test Lab Online (2011), one
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Counseling Process
She promised that if I helped her solve her issue she will willingly offer my brother a job where she worked as a manger. I turned down her offer for a reward and
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Nutritional support for patient with advanced/end stage dementia
Patients with advanced or end death stage dementia are the most delicate in the sense that balancing between their nutritional wellbeing and their health is a tricky affair. One of the single most critical issues
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High-Risk Nutritional Practices Paper First Draft
th regard to nutritional intake and value, high-risk behaviors are fundamentally associated with the continued exposure to foodstuffs, beverages and nutritional intake that is not balanced in the optimally recommended manner. Accordingly, associated negative/ risky
6 pages (1500 words)Essay
pork meat, fish, poultry that are either fried or breaded. Though, short cooking time restricts them to go for frying meat. Another ethnic group in the U.S is actually of the immigrants from different Asian lands giving rise to Asian-Indian ethnicity. This ethnic group is quite diverse because of its composition by various cultures such as Islam, Jainism, Buddhism, Christianity and Sikhism etc. As a result if different religions, they frequently observe their respective dietary laws as permissible by their religions. They frequently access to food that is non alcoholic and prefer rice, chapatti and food items made of grounded wheat and flour grains (Riskfactor.Cancer.gov). They also eat protein diet to fill in their nutritional practices including meat, fish, and poultry. They also take chips and curried vegetables. Residents spending a longer time also start including alcoholic beverages in their diet. However, their diet is changed to foods containing high levels of saturated-fat from high fiber low fat foods. The Prima Indians forms another ethnic group who mainly focused their nutritional diet on food items that fuel obesity causing diabetes. Mexican-American life gives enough priority to Food, including it as a big part of their life. Their traditional diet is composed of low fat and high fiber food items. Their diet includes beans, rice, corns, tortillas etc. however their eating habits have resulted in diabetes type 2. Eating healthier foods and returning to conventional eating practices may possibly benefit them (Kulkarni). Each of the three ethnic groups has varying priorities to nutritional practices depending on the cultures they reflect. However, a balanced nutritional diet is significant to satisfying the psychological needs of every one. The food nurtures the human body as well as to satisfy the


Nutritional Practices Name Date Nutritional practices and behaviors collectively depend on culture, age, education, economic and social condition, health status, household structure and of course access to food. On the basis of such segregated behaviors in the community, the different subgroups, divided on the basis of ethnicity, age, race, income groups etc possibly will respond differently…
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Nutritional Practices
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