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The Benefits of Family Members - Research Paper Example

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This paper talks that traumatic events represent any situation that frames fundamental grounds for a person for experiencing a strong and emotional reaction that entails possible interference within the minds of a person. This further hinders that person’s capability to function generally at work as well as at home. …
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The Benefits of Family Members
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Download file to see previous pages Traumatic symptoms encompass characteristics such as detachments, reenactments and hallucinations. According to a research study, it has been further revealed that trauma withholds structural sympathies with respect to code. Furthermore, related to code, it has been explained as a channel that will help in understanding, representing as well as intervening a traumatic event. Code is principally viewed as a channel through which a traumatic experience passes from its suppressed position to conscious countenance. While transferring of traumatic event, it is not trapped within involuntary reenactments as well as obsessive repetitions related to traumatic experiences (Blanchard, 2008). In this regard, it is further determined that traumatic events lead to a numerous internal changes within the family setting. These changes mainly reveal the change of outlook with respect to life and expectation about future. Recovery from setbacks due to traumatic events within individuals varies from early recovery to prolonged years of recoveries. In accordance with traumatic events, it has been revealed that family plays an important role in overcoming traumatic experiences. Numerous aspects such as family background, the severity of traumatic event, family support and early adaptation of family members with respect to a traumatic event play an imperative role in order to stabilize the surroundings of a person facing critical scenario in terms of sustenance. Thus, code situation represents the urgency of traumatic event that has occurred recently (Shepell.fgi, 2012). Effects of the Traumatic Events Traumatic events differ for different persons. For a few individuals, a small emotional loss can be a traumatic event. It is considered as a...
This paper approves that it has been revealed that attention is required related to belief systems, administrative patterns and communiqué processes which can foster the reduction in terms of vulnerability as well as risk for recovering from traumatic setback. Belief system of a family represents cultural and spiritual along with the traditional system that are prevalent within a family. In this respect, family traditions, belief systems and culture play an important role with regard to the early recovery of a trauma patient especially in emergency room setting. It becomes important for the family members to contextualize pain of the trauma patient to alleviate the suffering by a considerable extent. A sense of coherence and cooperation must be provided to the affected member in order to overcome a traumatic incident at an earliest. For instance, in case of natural calamity, family members stand as a pillar for each other and develop confidence among them to fight against the adverse situation
This essay makes a conclusion that traumatic events lay an immense negative impact over human beings. Traumatic events differ with respect to the perception from person to person. Furthermore, it has been revealed that traumatic event affects a person’s normal workout. A trauma survivor remains under depression and mental disturbance that affects the daily routine. In this context, it has been revealed that trauma survivor remains distorted, disturbed and depressed. From the overall study, it is ascertained that family members help trauma patients to recover at an earliest. Family members and loved ones develop a positive feeling within the sufferer from a traumatic experience along with providing a sense of motivation to start life in a new and a better way. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Benefits of Family Members Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 Words.
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