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Implementing an Organizational Change Instructor Date Introduction There are a number of reasons that an organization would want to bring about a change to its structure or the processes involved in its activities such as the current process not being good enough or the discovery of a better method of doing things…
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Download file to see previous pages With this in mind, it can be said that organizational change is an ongoing process that goes hand in hand with the introduction of new technologies to the market (Chemuturi, 2010). Choosing to ignore the onset of these new software products will only serve to hold an organization back with regard to its self improvement and as a result halt the growth of such a company leaving it to be overtaken by its competitors (Apostolou et al, 2010). This is an issue that any establishment has to consider be profit or non profit as being left behind in a world that is changing on a daily basis will more than likely lead to the relevance of that particular organization rapidly decreasing resulting in its extinction form existence in the end. The Organizational Change As mentioned earlier, the health sector has not been left behind in the technological revolution and the change product that has been nominated for implementation in this project are the patients records that are kept in storage. The implementation constitutes of changing the nature of the records from paper form to a more up to date soft copy format that will be stored within an electronic computer data base (Apostolou et al, 2010). This will mean that the records will no longer be stored in physical form consisting of files archived in a particular part of the building but instead will be retrievable from a computer by any individual who has been given authorized access (Chemuturi, 2010). It should be noted that the information on the patients records will remain the same and the only change involved will be the manner in which it is stored and can be retrieved. In technical terms, it can be said that the records will be transformed from a hard copy version (that is, physical files and documents containing the patients’ information) to a soft copy format (that is, electronic files that are stored and accessed from a computer hard drive) thus the only difference coming about is where the files can be retrieved from (Chemuturi, 2010). This organizational change can be described as a technological advancement due to the nature of the processes that will be involved. The health facility will be taking a step forward moving from the traditional methods of storing information to more advanced ways that have entered the market thanks to the introduction of technology to the information sector. The files that will be stored in this new format can be referred to as e records (electronic records) and serve as the new wave of data storage that has taken over the more traditional means. Switching from physical storage of the patients records to a soft copy format will ensure that any needed information will be accessible to the doctor or whoever it may concern will be accessible from any location provided that an individual has a computer or any other electronic device with access to the internet such as an I pad or smart phone. The switch will also prove to be a good way of storing large amounts of data/information in an easier manner as the issue of physical space does not arise with this type of record keeping (Chemuturi, 2010). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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EMR Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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