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Care Plan Table of Contents Introduction 3 Assessment 4 Problem Identification 8 Goal Statement 13 Nursing Intervention and/or Implementation 15 NMC Code (2008) 16 Evaluation 17 Conclusion and Reflection 19 References 20 Introduction As per the case scenario, Mrs…
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Care plan
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Download file to see previous pages After her diagnosis of the aforementioned health problems, she also lost her income source. At a certain instance, she was identified to have experienced a fall and was lying in her kitchen for approximately forty-eight hours, as reported by her neighbour. Her records also depict that she has a daughter who used to visit her twice in a month. In lieu of this case study, the discussion henceforth will aim at developing a care plan with the objective of offering elderly people with adequate assistance on the grounds of sociability, depression, physical health problems, loneliness and other health related issues. In accordance with the case, the healthcare facility will majorly aim at offering Mrs. Jones with healthcare services in relation to her risk of short term health troubles such as cold (hypothermia), constipation and fear of mobility. Notably, with this concern, due significance will be rendered towards implementing the guidelines suggested by the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) and by using the Roper, Logan and Tierney (RLT) activities of living model. Assessment In nursing, there are many conceptual models which provides the basic framework in accordance with which nurses should evaluate and formulate plans as well as implement those plans with the objective to offer the patients with better care facilities and services (Nicol, 2013; Timmins & McCabe, 2008). Roper, Logan and Tierney (RLT) Activities of Living Model The RLT model has been formulated with the aim of supporting elderly people with adequate care and improving their psychological as well as physical conditions to enjoy a healthy living. Nurses, with the assistance of RLT model, are quite likely to be facilitated with the opportunity of offering individualised care services to ageing people (Nicol, 2013; Coyne & et. al., 2010). Additionally, this model has been undertaken with the intention of determining the issues or problems which are faced by Mrs. Jones. This model will aid nurses in offering adequate and effective services to the patient with the aim of improving her health problems as well as psychological conditions (Timmins, 2005). A problem solving approach has been adopted likewise, with the intention of devising appropriate care services. There are five concepts under this model which include the following: The 12 Activities of Living (ALs) The 12 activities of living signify the activities which are executed by every individual, irrespective of the individual’s health conditions. The 12 activities have been presented in the diagram below: Roper, Logan and Tierney’s activities of living (ALs) Source: (Dingwall, 2010) The influence of lifespan (age) The component implies that individuals pass through development phase from conception to death. The individuals throughout their life span are determined to witness and adapt change in their physical, social as well as cognitive developments (Dingwall, 2010; Singh & Misra, 2009). Accordingly, it can be observed from the case scenario that Mrs. Jones is a widow of eighty years of age and used to reside lonely in her home. However, prior to her diagnosis from frequent fall and severe osteo-arthritis, Mrs. Jones used to visit social club to play Bingo with her next door neighbour. The influence of the dependence-independence continuum The dependence-independence continuum assists in determining the activities which are carried out by individuals. The activities of individuals are based on ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Care Plan

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