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Nursing staff members' intentions to use physical restraints with older people: testing the theory of reasoned action - Research Paper Example

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Improving the Quality and Efficiency of Health Care Name: Course: University: Tutor: Date: Introduction Majority of Americans have no access to Medicare services because of the high cost incurred while accessing this service. Having a common and cheaper healthcare program will deliver Medicare services not only to the private insured patients but also to the other beneficiaries who cannot afford this service…
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Nursing staff members intentions to use physical restraints with older people: testing the theory of reasoned action
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Extract of sample "Nursing staff members' intentions to use physical restraints with older people: testing the theory of reasoned action"

Download file to see previous pages It is sad to note that quite a number of Americans do not have access to better Medicare services because of the high cost of health care services (PMF ,2012). It is clear to note that there is a huge link between cost or payment of Medicare and the quality outcome of Medicare. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the government and other medical stake holders to chip in and come up with strategies that will facilitate efficiency and effectiveness of Medicare to each and every American equally. However, even as the government wants to help out, it does not have the right to restrain the total costs of this program. It is the mandate of the government and other medical stakeholders to encourage development of New Patients care models. In addition, an increase in Medicare expenditure to rising demand and constantly growing health abilities by a huge majority of Americans together with an inefficient delivery system are the key issues that are affecting the medical department and the federal budget. This increase is straining all budgets, which include localities, state, businesses, and family budgets. Transforming the Health Care Delivery System Linking Payment to Quality Outcomes under the Medicare Program Over the past decades there has been a lot of linkage between Medicare payment and the quality outcome. To advocate for affordable healthcare and patient protection is something of great importance for each and every American. The government has managed to achieve this goal by implementing a two acts which are health care and education reconciliation act of 2010 (HCERA) and patient protection and affordability care act of 2010 (PPACA). These acts are meant to look at measures of the value and effectiveness healthcare services that Medicare benefactors receive in relation to the payment that they make (Rivlin, 2011). However, there are emphases limitations on efforts to measure quality of Medicare and to provide payment. The congress is only mandates to provide payment for only those procedures and services that meet the required healthcare standards. National Strategy to Improve Health Care Quality The federal government and other medical stake holders have had raised more weight on the imperative to progress the worth and efficiency of healthcare services. Therefore, healthcare managers have a he challenge to come up with strategies that will lead to the improvement of quality and efficiency of healthcare. However, there has been minimal linkage between initiatives to quality and efficiency improvement programs with the leadership development programs (HHS, 2011). The leadership development program is based on four important opportunities that advance the efficiency as well as the value of healthcare. These opportunities include an increase in the workforce, reducing turnover and related expenses, improving efficiency in the administration’s development and educational accomplishments, and Focus of the organization on specific strategic priorities. Several studies have been carried out to help and the findings have been of great help for the healthcare managers who want to embrace the leadership development program. The studies have come up with a number of strategies that will help in the realization of quality and efficient healthcare. These strategies include Interagency operational ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Nursing Staff members' Intentions to Use Physical Restraints With Research Paper.
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