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This research is being carried out to evaluate and present the impact of the Institute of Medicine report on nurses. To manage with this the research will cover the following: impact of the IOM report on nursing education; on nursing practice and on nurse’s role as a leader…
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Impact of the Institute of Medicine Report on Nurses
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Impact of the Institute of Medicine Report on Nurses The Impact of the Institute of Medicine Report on Nurses With over forty years in existence, The Institute of Medicine (IOM) has been providing the federal government and interested groups with invaluable information in health matter. Despite having no affiliation to any individual organization, the IOM has been able to work hand in hand with such organizations as the American Nurses Association (ANA) in conducting medical research and issuing possible recommendations as far as the nursing world and public health are concerned. In October 2010, the IOM issued four crucial recommendations touching on nursing as a profession mainly on their education, partnership with related stakeholders, and their overall role in workforce planning (American Nurses Association, 2013). This essay delves on the impact of the recommendations in IOM report on the nursing world as a whole. Impact of the IOM report on nursing education From the educational recommendation of the IOM report requiring nurses to be persistent in advancing their higher education, it is apparent that this will have far-reaching effects on the nurses’ level of education and academic competence. First, the recommendation therein necessitate the focus on the academic qualifications of the American nurses, a factor that will boost the return to school of many nurses who had otherwise resolved to limit their education to their current levels then. By virtue of the IOM recommendations, most educational institutions more so the universities will in the near future, experience an influx of nursing students especially those coming to pursue further studies. This in turn will mean that the nursing profession will in future be a field of qualified professionals with impeccable leadership and management skills. Besides progressing the junior nurses’ qualifications, the implementation of the IOM report will keep those nurses with more advanced academic qualification on their toes as the race for academic qualifications will go a notch higher. This healthy but heightened competition for academic grades and progression will attract prospective nursing student in addition to ensuring that the nurses have better skills in handling even the patients with more complex conditions as more nurses will prefer unified academic systems (American Nurses Association, 2013). Impact of the IOM report on nursing practice When it comes to the nursing practice as a whole, the IOM report will ensure significant improvements in the manner in which most nurses have been handling their operations and clients. As is common knowledge, nursing as an affiliate of medicine, has a more demanding career right from the first year when students come into terms with the basics of nursing practice. With the introduction of new academic recommendations, the practice of nursing will experience innovation through the experience of new ideas and procedures that are more efficient as compared to the prevailing conventional procedures. In this regard, nurses will be better equipped with modern skills in terms of handling the patients (American Nurses Association, 2013). Although the nursing practice in the United States is more advanced as compared to most states, the enhancement of the collaboration between nurses and other health professionals like the physicians will bear positive results in that it will improve the overall quality of health in the US because of the redesigning some aspects in the nursing practice. Additionally, nurses will be in a better position to exploit and explore all aspects as related to their profession as there will be no limit to the nurses’ practice. This will promote the cordial relationship between the nurses and their patients leading to better treatment and accountability from both parties (American Nurses Association, 2013). Concerning the primary care the review of the nurses’ role, the IOM report will expedite the medical procedures in the emergency and intensive care units, as more nurses will have improved on their skills through further education and interaction. The patients in the primary care in the US hospitals are normally the most demanding of all in terms of the care and attention accorded to them. Hence, the recommendation that requires the nurses to liaise with physicians in providing the health care and comfort to the patient will improve the nursing practice particularly in the primary care. In this regard, I would make significant improvements both academic and professional in order to align myself with the recommendations contained in the IOM report. Initially, I would set academic goals in life that would keep me under constant progression as long as I am academically fit. This would ensure that I keep myself abreast with emerging trends in handling patients in the primary care besides sharpening my skills in diverse areas. Secondly, I would increase my interaction with various health physicians especially those that would offer mentorship so that I could be able to increase my practical knowledge in nursing practice. Furthermore, I would foster better relationship with my seniors in the field in order to form an impeccable work force capable of implementing set policies (American Nurses Association, 2013). Impact of the IOM report on nurse’s role as a leader Indeed, the main objective of the report is to enhance the leadership skills of the nurses practicing within the United States by offering concrete and workable recommendations. This would mean that nurses would acquire new leadership skills by virtue of advancing their academic qualifications across the spectrum. Nurses will be able to handle the primary care patients more responsibly without constant guidance and assistance by the physicians and the doctors. Furthermore, the American Nurses Association (ANA) was proud to have been advancing similar courses whose main objective was to enrich the nurses especially their leadership skills in practice. Nurses have various roles within health institutions ranging from administering medical services to collaboration with the physicians and they play crucial leadership roles in this respect (American Nurses Association, 2013). (American Nurses Association, 2013). References American Nurses Association (2013). Nursing World: IOM Future of Nursing Report. Retrieved from Read More
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