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Stigma and discrimination add to the suffering and disability associated with mental disorders - Essay Example

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Patients of mental conditions, their friends, families and health care workers such as nurses concur that these patients are exposed to quite high levels of social stigma and discrimination due to their mental ill health (Margaret & Janine, 2011)…
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Stigma and discrimination add to the suffering and disability associated with mental disorders
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Download file to see previous pages Patients of mental conditions, their friends, families and health care workers such as nurses concur that these patients are exposed to quite high levels of social stigma and discrimination due to their mental ill health (Margaret & Janine, 2011). These discriminations and stigma make it rather difficult for mentally ill people to recover and worsens their pains and suffering.Given the prevalence of mental health conditions in current society, the effects of stigma and discrimination on mental patients can be said to affect a rather large portion of the population That is, these problems extend to and affect mental health patients’ friends, families, colleagues, care providers and the larger society. In the UK, statistics show that about one in four people are likely to experience a mental health problem at some stage in their lives. Globally, there are 450 million people with mental health problems (Patel & Prince, 2012). On a rather positive note, most victims of mental illnesses recover fully to live and manage normal lives, especially when they get appropriate and timely help. The social stigma associated with mental illnesses has been closely associated with the discrimination that mentally ill people face in different aspects of their lives (Corrigan & Kleinlein, 2005). Notably, many of these patients’ pain, suffering and other problems are worsened by the stigma and the resultant discrimination they experience from the public and their families, friends, colleagues and employers (Kitchener & Jorm, 2002).This study seeks to explore the extent to which stigmatization and discrimination add to the suffering and disabilities of the mentally ill. Rationale/Background/Justification From literatures and studies conducted in the field of mental health with reference to stigma and discrimination, it is quite clear that the stigma and discrimination faced by the mentally ill really aggravate their suffering, exacerbate their disabilities and reduce their chances of partial or full recovery. In other words, stigma and discrimination not only worsen these patients’ health problems but also impede their receipt of assistance, treatment and recovery (Hilton, 2006). The other effects of mental-health stigma and discrimination are social isolation, poor housing, unemployment and poverty (Burke, 2010). Purpose of the Study 1. Establish the existence and the severity of the stigma and discrimination faced by the mentally ill in society 2. Explore the various causes of the stigma and discrimination faced by the mentally ill in society 3. Explore the extent to which the subject of the stigma and discrimination faced by the mentally ill in society has been researched 4. Propose techniques by which stakeholders such as nurses, families, friends, governments, institutions and NGOs may combine efforts to reduced this stigma and discrimination Research Question Do the stigma and discrimination faced by mental health patients add to their suffering and disabilities? Keywords Stigma, mental disorders, discrimination, disabilities, suffering, mental illness, Stereotypes Literature Review The methodology to be used in searching literatures in this research will encompass diverse categories of print and non-print resources that focus on the issues and subjects of mental health, mental illnesses, stigma and discrimination and their effects on mental health patients, their friends, families and caregivers. Other subjects to be focused on will be the extent to which stigma and discrimination affect the recovery of mental health patients and the future prospects for mental health stakeholders with regards to the stigmatization and discrimination that the mentally ill face (Weare, 2000). Inclusion and Exclusion Criteria The accessed and reviewed literatures will have to meet certain rigorous exclusion and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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