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Therapeutic Nursing Interventions - Research Paper Example

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Conflict in Nursing Name: Institution: Introduction Every field of work is normally faced with its own problems depending on the setting of the workplace. This is because in the process of working together, employees are always faced with different challenges that dictate the way in which they perform their duties…
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Therapeutic Nursing Interventions
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Download file to see previous pages Nursing is a field that involves dealing with a large number of people and thus, communication is a key factor at work. However, it is through communication that the nurses get into conflicts with one another and with the patients (Morrell-Stinson, Abraham, & Bolliger, 2012). Statement of the Problem The clinical problem here is conflict among the nurses and with the patients. While working, nurses tend to disagree about many things concerning work. In my environment nurses engage in issues such as stubbornness, failure to adhere to the right clinical ethics, and failure to follow the set rules and regulations. Therefore, this raises conflicts since the head officers will not agree to some of the behaviors displayed (Morrell-Stinson et al., 2012). The work environment also contributes to conflicts among nurses. For instance, in an environment where the laboratory equipment is few, nurses may get into a conflict over the use of such instruments. However, this will also depend to the way in which the environment is organized. In an environment where duties are not well allocated to the nurses, the conflicts are bound to increase (Bjork, 1995). Since nurses are always working together, differences in personalities also contribute to conflicts. Each nurse has his or her own personality, which may be different from that of another nurse. This way, disagreements may be on the increase if two different personalities cross paths. In my environment, the issue of poor qualifications also contributes to conflicts both among the nurses and with the patients (Bjork, 1995). Conflicts with the patients occur when patients feel that the nurse does possess efficient skills in the field. On the other hand, conflicts with other nurses arise when a nurse performs a particular duty in the wrong manner. Therefore, the problem of conflicts in the nursing field can be faced in different ways. This is a clinical problem in my environment because many nurses have performed poorly at work due to the issue of conflicts with their colleagues and patients. In addition, conflicts with patients have also caused loss of lives of many patients. This can be mainly explained by the fact that conflict resolution methods in my environment are very poor (Stanton, 2012). The reason why I chose to investigate this problem is because the issue has become a key subject of discussion since it is causing many losses among nurses and patients. For instance, conflicts have caused many nurses to lose their jobs and even their licenses. On the other hand, patients have also died due to chaos among the nurses in clinics. Therefore, this is an issue that needs immediate attention before it causes more losses. Increasing conflicts can also be attributed to the increasing diversity among people. For example, in the United States, clinical facilities are composed of nurses from different races and cultures. Therefore, the workplace consists of people with different cultural values and thus, they have to learn how to tolerate one another’s values in order to stay in harmony. Current Clinical Practice In the current clinical setting, diversity is the key cause of conflicts and thus, nurses have to find a way of accepting and appreciating one another. The key mechanisms used in the current clinical setting include application of policies and regulations that should be followed at the workplace. However, in most cases these regulations do not ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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