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Euthanasia/Right to Die - Essay Example

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Legal and Ethical Issues Concerning Euthanasia Professor University Date Introduction According to the Oxford English Dictionary, Euthanasia, also known as mercy killing, is the act of inducing a gentle and easy death to patients suffering from terminal diseases that cause endless pain and are not manageable…
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Euthanasia/Right to Die
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Euthanasia/Right to Die

Download file to see previous pages... The ethical issues surrounding this debate are basic moral considerations, that sanctioning euthanasia is equal to a violation of the patients’ right to life, whereas the legal concerns entail the unprecedented challenge of legalizing euthanasia and formulating regulation that govern its execution. This paper presents a critical examination of both the ethical and moral issues related to the current healthcare setting, personal and professional values influencing own stand on euthanasia, and ways of promoting health by reducing the risk in legal and ethical situations. In addition to that, the paper will also utilize current research to plan nursing care through legal and ethical standards of care, and identify the global trends related to legal and ethical considerations in nursing, among other things. Legal and ethical issues related to current health care setting As observed before, the issue of euthanasia has attracted both criticism and praise in equal measure with different views emanating from various quarters of society; questions that have repeatedly been raised in this debate relate to the moral and ethical justification for euthanasia take people’s life. ...
his regard, the complexity of this matter is, in itself, a source of challenges that present a dilemma for both moralists and legal experts today; proponents and opponents of euthanasia have raised critical issues regarding its execution. On one side, proponents of the debate regarding euthanasia contend that patients with terminal illnesses should be granted the right to end their suffering through quick, dignified, and compassionate death (ProCon.org, 2013). According to this argument, this is much fair than to let such patients to suffer all the way to their graves, especially after it has already been established that they cannot be cured however long it takes. Conversely, opponents of this debate argue that doctors’ moral responsibility is to keep the patients alive and must do all practical interventions within their power to do so under the guidelines of the professional principles outlined in the Hippocratic Oath. This opposing argument goes further to state the catastrophic risk involved in sanctioning euthanasia as it may potentially lead to cases of murder (Zdenkowski, 1997); for instance, euthanasia may unfairly victimize the poor and disabled as it may become an incentive to insurance companies to end patients’ lives to save money. In the current health care setting, both partial and active euthanasia is not permitted because the nursing professionals are opposed to the practice due to both moral and legal considerations. There have been various attempts to change the laws to permit Nurses the legal framework under which they can administer euthanasia to patients with terminal illnesses but all attempts have been shot down. Personal and professional values Nurses are inevitably at the heart of the euthanasia debate and their contributions should not ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Right to Die
At this state, many people are choosing death and would not want their bodies undignified by the use of these machines. Some people are against the legalization of choice to die even if medical technology can prolong life. The opponents of the right to die include governments, Christian churches and organizations, who argue that no one has the right to decide when to live or die.
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However, active euthanasia is undertaken on an individual only when his or her doctors and family members agree and make the decision to kill actively to end the agony suffered by their loved one. Passive euthanasia, on the other hand, lets the suffering person die by withholding the necessary medical care and allowing the disease to kill the person instead of a fellow human being.
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One of the most disputable issues is of the essence in this case; it lies within the question of what to do with the right to die. This is the way in which people see their lives being terminated. In this case, one of the ideas implies the ownership of people as to their lives even when death comes into perspective in this case (Smith, n.p.).
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Psychology End of Life Issues The Right to Die
The idea of euthanasia is also not chosen by people because it is considered morally and ethically wrong by different religions. But euthanasia needs to be a personal choice of the individuals or the family members of someone who is in constant pain and has little hope of leading a life of quality.
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Euthanasia - Right or wrong
It is done with the help of physician and is known as physician aid suicide. Now the point for Euthanasia is that when a person is extremely ill and there is no chance for him or her to survive, at the same time the person is suffering
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Euthanasia should be legitimized because it is every beings right to die with dignity and comfort
A small majority believed that euthanasia, or physician-assisted suicide is morally justified. What is perhaps most interesting is to compare these results to those of the British study asking a similar question, suggesting that the US views are
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Let them die
At least half of the world languages are expected to disappear in the next century. Some suggest that by the year 3000 only 600 languages will be left, according to an American institute of linguistics 51 languages have
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Euthanasia refers to the practice of ending the life of an individual suffering from a terminal illness or incurable disease by either lethal injection or suspension of the treatment. Euthanasia is intentional killing
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Literally translated, therefore, the term Euthanasia means the good death. Euthanasia is a debatable ethical issue because it seems to violate individual’s right to life, on the one hand, and on the other
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Right to die
However, Rachel’s argues the golden rule is not a perfect maxim considering that sexual perverts associated with fantasies of rape and treating others, as they would love to be treated compromise the golden rule. The results connected with the golden rule might not
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