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Community Plan, Implementation and evaluation - Research Paper Example

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Action Plan to Reduce Obesity and Asthma Name: Institution: ACTION PLAN TO REDUCE OBESITY AND ASTHMA Summary of Community Assessment and Diagnosis The community assessment and diagnosis paper is about Sherwood Elementary school, which has an enrollment between pre-kindergarten and the 8th grade; most of pupils are African Americans…
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Community Plan, Implementation and evaluation
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Download file to see previous pages Asthma is another disease that is prevalent among this demographic group. On an observational trip, it was noted that all classes had at least one obese student. In an interview with a school nurse, she contended that the school had disease prevention and health promotion activities and that asthma was not uncommon at the school, although obesity was the biggest issue. The paper, therefore, chose asthma and obesity as the school risks of the greatest concern. It has to be noted that whereas there has been some success countering asthma in public American schools obesity remains a major problem to date. Healthy People 2020 have put obesity as its number one health problem for eradication by using weight status and nutrition, in ensuring reduced risk of chronic disease through maintaining a healthy body weights and consuming healthy diets. Obesity is linked to other chronic diseases like asthma and through management of obesity; therefore, these diseases can be prevented. The Nutrition and Weight Status’ objectives emphasize individual behavior and environments that support healthy weight maintenance and eating habits, which, in this case, should be in settings like communities, schools, and organizations. School is an important setting for achieving a quality health culture as identified by Healthy People 2020. ...
This is especially important in order to counteract advertising of junk food that is all over the mainstream media while promoting improvements to an environment that encourages outdoor recreation, biking, and walking (Shediac-Rizkallah & Bone, 2010). The plan will revolve around three objectives, one of which will be fostering the demand and availability of healthy food using involvement by family, incentives, and education. This will seek to build on an already existing program by the Healthy Corner Stores Initiative, which is an incentive program that seeks to reward business owners and consumers for making a choice for healthy food (Shediac-Rizkallah & Bone, 2010). The objective seeks to integration of education and promotion of healthy eating into all aspects of Sherwood Elementary activities. The second objective is expansion and support of fitness programs driven by the school and community around the school, which are low cost and, in the case of those at school, free. This will also seek to create hospitable environments for, cycling and walking along the streets around the school and within the compound. To achieve this objective, there will be an assessment of community and school based fitness facilities in existence, as well as research best practices for weight management and other groups for mutual support that will seek to design a program for Sherwood Elementary School (Shediac-Rizkallah & Bone, 2010). Leaders in the school should also be sought out for training, as well as the creation of a structure for the celebration and promotion of active lifestyles and weight reduction. The third objective will be the development and coordination of school-wide ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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