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Research, Evidence and Nursing Practice - Assignment Example

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Research, Evidence and Nursing Practice Name Professor Institution Course Date Key Words: Aerobic Exercises or strengthening exercises, Knee Osteoarthritis – OA, NSAIDs, Pain, Joint, (1) Hinman, R. S., Bennell, K. L., Crossley, K. M. & McConnell, J. (2003)…
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Research, Evidence and Nursing Practice
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Download file to see previous pages Conditions used to make comparisons included untapped, therapeutic taping protocol and neutral taping protocol. (3) Authors utilized within-subjects study design, which entailed subjecting 18 participants to the three conditions at random coupled with assessing pain and observed disability. (4) Research’s scope encompassed assessing the extent of pain in each case and disability whereby the latter comprised of hindrance to the necessary knee mobility. Knee’s mobility tests used were walking speed, stepping ability, rising time and go tests. (5) Research’s content avails adequate information helpful in managing Maude’s predicament, which in this case entails reducing pain. Therefore, therapeutic taping will be of great help to her not only through reducing pain but also in preventing knee’s swelling. (6) Limitations in this study embrace “carryover effects”, use of small cohort and inadequate interval period between the tests. (7) The study concluded therapeutic taping was inexpensive strategy compared to numerous approaches used in managing of knee OA. Justification (8) The study offers adequate information regarding managing of knee pain and disability (Hinman, Bennell, Crossley & McConnell, 2003). ...
es its remedies with other approaches used in treating and managing knee OA whereby the researchers conclude both Therapeutic knee tape and neutral tape are cheaper. The other reason considered in selecting this article was its inexpensive remedy strategy aimed at reducing pain, whereby the people irrespective of their status can adequately afford. Therefore, its contribution in the medical field will encompass equipping medical personnel with adequate knowledge concerning varied and cheaper ways, which they will advise their patients to embrace. This is especially in managing Knee OA among the victims whereby with necessary training ailing people can adequately execute therapeutic taping in their homes. This will reduce high chances of disability commonly associated with Knee OA especially among the old people who in most cases tend to prefer sedentary life like in Maude’s case. Therefore, practitioners after advocating therapeutic taping to the people with Knee OA will compel them to be active through their relatives, hence reduce numerous chances of disability observed among people taking medicinal approaches. This is an essential intervention, which practitioners can combine with medicinal approaches in reducing pain experienced by Maude. In addition, despite the authors in this article citing certain limitations that may hinder effective testing under each condition, its analysis is meticulous. This is evident in the already analyzed tests and clear presentation of statistical data in form of tables and graphs bearing evidences of diverse remedies’ outcomes under study. (1) Roddy, E., Zhang, W. & Doharty, M. (2005). Aerobic walking or strengthening exercise for osteoarthritis of the knee? A systematic Review. Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases, 64. 544- 548. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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