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Individual Nursing Proposal: pain management with patient with substance abuse history - Research Paper Example

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PAIN MANAGEMENT WITH PATIENT WITH SUBSTANCE ABUSE HISTORY INSERT NAME INSERT COURSE INSERT GRADE INTRODUCTION Pain is the feeling that a human being, an animal or an insect has when it gets hurt. Often, in biology, only living organisms undergo pain…
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Individual Nursing Research Proposal: pain management with patient with substance abuse history
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Extract of sample "Individual Nursing Proposal: pain management with patient with substance abuse history"

Download file to see previous pages Pain often causes the rapid reactions or responses that make an individual move away from the substance causing the pain. In several parts of the world, pain from diseases is the reason for patients visiting hospitals in order for the pain to be resolved. Pain often resolves instantly once the stimulus that causes the pain is removed by the doctor while in other cases, the pain might persist for a long duration even after the withdrawal of the pain causing stimulus. Pain is often resolved through the introduction of painkilling drugs or antibiotics that totally help to withdraw the pain from the body of an individual. On the other hand, pain management is the removal of pain or the reduction of suffering from those individuals living with pain. This is done by specialists who include physicians, physiotherapists and even nursing practitioners discussed at length in this paper. These specialists employ the introduction of medicine into the body of the individual living with the pain. The task of medicine in the individuals’ body is to reduce or relieve the pain totally. In the present world, substance abuse is a major problem particularly among the youths. However, there are several measures being put in place in order to curb this menace. In this research, pain management in patients with substance abuse history is going to be discussed at length. ...
Substance abuse patients will be discovered to be very secretive. As a result, the nurses will not have the ability to know the previous illnesses nor the drugs that were abused by the patients. Many youths feel that nobody should know what, when and where they take the drugs. In addition, it will be realized that the patients feel alienated from the rest of the world. This is because they are discriminated and given special treatment that other patients do not receive. This proves to be a challenge to the nurses since the alienation will be a barrier to obtaining information from the patients. The research will find out that the nursing practitioners have harsh treatment towards patients with substance abuse history. The harsh treatment makes patients to withdraw themselves making them not to give out important information needed by the nursing practitioners. This makes the management of pain in the patients very difficult. During the research, it will be identified that several hospitals lack the necessary technology and expertise needed to deal with the management of pain in patients with substance abuse history. Lack of technology and expertise often seems to discourage the substance abuse patients and as a result, they do not give necessary information to the nurses. This leads to the challenge of pain management in the patients. It will also be realized that the nurses do not have proper guidance and counseling skills necessary to convince the substance abuse patients to stop the substance abuse behavior. With all these problems experienced by the nurses while dealing with the patients, it will be identified that pain management in patients with substance abuse history is a big challenge. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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