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Analyzing media-presented issues related to the nursing profession and nursing practice - Essay Example

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Tobacco use poses a serious health challenge to the Canadian people. This is because excessive use of tobacco can result to an individual getting chronic diseases such as lung cancer and the esophageal cancer…
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Analyzing media-presented issues related to the nursing profession and nursing practice
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Download file to see previous pages In March 2013, the ministry of health came up with an advertising campaign that which compared smoking with flatulence. The response of this advertisement is twofold, there is one group that supports it, arguing that it is effective in depicting smoking as an anti-social behavior. This is the stand that Hager (2013), an editor with the Ottawa Citizen. This is an online newsfeed that is only available via the internet. However, Quan (2013), an editor with the times news feed has a different opinion. According to her, the advert is ineffective in portraying smoking as an anti-social behavior. This is because flatulence is a normal activity among mammals. According to her, the advert encourages people to smoke because it portrays it as a normal behavior. This is because it uses the notion of flatulence. The third article that this paper analyzes is a journal article by Pechmann and Reibling (2000). This journal talks about how to create an effective anti-smoking advertisement campaign in Canada, and the United States. It uses a case study approach in explaining the effective method of creating an advertisement campaign. Basing on that, this paper takes a stand that to create an effective anti-smoking advertisement; the creators of the advertisement must consider the age of the spokesman, the content of the message, and the manner in which the advertisers depict the behavior. Quan(2013) in her article argues against the use of flatulence in creating an anti-smoking advertisement campaign. According to her, flatulence is a normal biological process amongst mammals, and on this basis, equating smoking with flatulence sends a message that smoking is a normal social behavior. According to her, the intention of the advertisers was to denote that smoking is as embarrassing as engaging in a farting activity. This idea is wrong, and she denotes that there is nothing embarrassing with farting. She even further goes on to denote that even small children know that farting is a normal biological process. Quan (2013) describes the 53 seconds video advert. She denotes that the video depicts a young woman who admits that she farts at parties, but this does not make her a farter. According to Quan (2013), the intention of the advertisers was to denote that smoking is wrong, and it doesn’t matter where the act takes place. However, to her, the use of video in this campaign was ineffective, and therefore did not meet the objectives of the advertisers. Hager (2013) on the other hand does not agree with Quan. Hager denotes that the advertisement achieved its objective of depicting smoking as an anti-social behavior (2013). According to Hager, the target of the advertisement was people between the ages of 18 to 29. Hager denotes that farting is an embarrassing social behavior, and using this concept in the anti-smoking advertising campaign manages to give a message that smoking is an embarrassing and ridiculous social behavior. Hager (2013) further goes on to denote that the use of a young woman in the anti-smoking advertisement campaign is an effective method of reaching out to the young people. This is because they identify with her age. To support his opinion, Hager gives the number of views that the campaign got in the social media. He denotes that the advert got 36000 views within a week of its release. This to him is a proof that the advert was effective in sending out its message. Pechmann and Reibling (2000) on the other hand, in their Journal article describe how to create an ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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