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Cigarette companies targeting people - Research Paper Example

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“On June 22, 2010, new FDA regulations restricting the sale and distribution of cigarettes and smokeless tobacco to protect children and adolescents take effect”(U.S. Food and drug administration, 2010). President Obama has signed this bill with an intention to save the life…
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Cigarette companies targeting people
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Extract of sample "Cigarette companies targeting people"

Download file to see previous pages Cigarette manufacturers are more interested in safeguarding their business interests rather than the interests of the people or the country. It should be noted that government is getting huge money as taxes given by the cigarette manufacturers and therefore it is impossible for the government to completely ban this activity. Cigarette manufacturers know this fact very well and they are finding new ways to spread smoking. This paper analyses how cigarette companies are targeting their customers.
Tobacco company research confirmed the association between tobacco use and alcohol use. Cigarette manufacturers explored promotional strategies linking cigarettes and alcohol, such as jointly sponsoring special events with alcohol companies to lower the cost of sponsorships, increase consumer appeal, reinforce brand identity, and generate increased cigarette sales. They also pursued promotions that tied cigarette sales to alcohol purchases, and cigarette promotional events frequently featured alcohol discounts or encouraged alcohol use. Tobacco companies numerous marketing strategies linking cigarettes with alcohol may have reinforced the use of both substances. Because using tobacco and alcohol together makes it harder to quit smoking (Jiang & Ling, 2011, p.1942).
The nexus between liquor manufacturers and cigarette companies is well documented by many studies. It should be noted that many people have the habit of smoking at the time of drinking alcohol. In fact smoking, while drinking, is an essential activity to get the maximum pleasure out of drinking. Tobacco manufacturers know this fact very well and they are offering cigarettes for every purchase of liquor bottles. Thus both liquor manufacturers and cigarette manufacturers are reaping profits. It should be noted that the combined effect of alcohol and cigarette smoke create addiction so that the smokers or the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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