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A Critique on Negative Pressure Wound Therapy: Patient Perspectives - Essay Example

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The research conducted was a very thorough. The paper was written properly, organized in a systematic manner, creating a flow from one point to the next. It is commendable that the authors practiced precision and clarity in their delivery of the report. …
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A Critique on Negative Pressure Wound Therapy: Patient Perspectives
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Extract of sample "A Critique on Negative Pressure Wound Therapy: Patient Perspectives"

Download file to see previous pages The essay analyzes the work done by Bolas and Holloway, organizing the analysis into a critique of the justification of their study, literature review, design of the study, data collection, data analysis, and the summary.
Negative pressure wound therapy is a form of treatment whereby a physician exerts pressure on uniformly on a wound in order to cause the wound to heal (Stansby et al. 2010). This form of treatment is modern and a lot more non-intrusive as compared to other pre-existing methods of healing wounds. Even so, like any other treatment plan, NPWT leaves a mark on the lives of those who take it up as a preferred method of treatment. Several researchers have attempted to study the effect of NPWT on the lives of the patients. Is the treatment more desirable than other forms of treatment that have been there before? Does it leave a lasting positive impact or is it in the end scaring to its recipients?
Bolas and Holloway’s in their report, Negative pressure wound therapy: a study on patient perspective’ set out to establish the impact of NPWT on the overall lives of patients that receive this form of treatment. Research and Evidence Based Practice The study conducted on NPWT is important in nursing because of its nature as a modern form of treatment. ...
The definition given in the essay makes the concept of NPWT clear to readers. Precision and clarity of this nature can be found throughout report. This is perhaps a product of the fact that both authors are prominent professionals in the field of nursing, with Bolas being a clinical nurse specializing in tissue viability, and Holloway a senior lecturer on wound healing at the school of healing. One can, therefore, trust in the credibility of the information provided in the report. The abstract of the report clearly outlines the organization of the study as statement of the problem, the research process, and the overall findings warranting a similar structure in the analysis. Importance of the study More patients are opting for NPWT than before. Some of the benefits that this form of treatment presents to patients include fewer dressing charges, the enhanced hygiene standards and ultimately, the faster healing of wounds (Moffatt et al. 2011). NWPT presents patients and nurses with convenient options that were previously not available. Even so, as Bolas and Holloway clearly state, there are not sufficient studies conducted on the impact of NWPT on human lives. The problem stated at the beginning of the essay clarifies what the study is about to the reader and bears connection to the research topic. This is one of the qualities of a good problem statement as Ryan, Coughlan and Cronin (2007) point out. In a bid to gain insight into the effect that NWPT has on the lives of patients, the study sought to find out what hinders the patients’ use of the therapy. In addition, they wanted to determine the best way to enable the patients to overcome the challenges they contend with due to the treatment regime. These aims are ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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