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Implenting Dorothy Orem's nursing theory on a psychiatric practice unit - Essay Example

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Implementing Dorothy Orem's Nursing Theory on the Psychiatric Practice Unit Name Institution Introduction The Dorothy Orem's Nursing Theory (Self Care Deficit Theory) was developed with the interest of the obligation of the participants in the health world in mind…
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Implenting Dorothy Orems nursing theory on a psychiatric practice unit
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Download file to see previous pages The contribution of the patients toward their care is apparent. This proceeds to the evaluation of the role of nurses in the sustainability of effective nursing techniques. Evaluation However, prior to the evaluation of the contribution of the Orem's theory to the generation of effective nursing techniques, it is vital to evaluate the description that is painted from the embrace of the theory. Orem's theory is established from a connection of actively interrelated assertions that steer towards the development of a common idea. The theory places its aim at configuring out different avenues upon which the central aim can be attained (Z?eleznik, 2010). This aim is narrowed along the improvement of the service, as the desires and interests of the patient are prioritized. The developments of these assertions are built along a logic approach. This implicates that the development of the theory is founded on an interweave of logical assertions and principles. This perception assists in the development of an effective theory in terms of acceptance (Barbosa & Severinsson, 2010). Pointing on the nature of the theory, a general conclusion can be ascertained on its simplicity in terms of ease of understanding. It is eminent that the utilization or the adoption of this theory is highly pegged on the ease upon which its effective implementation can be achieved. The developments of complications along the deciphering of its content are highly reduced since the perception or the development of a reliable conclusion is easily attained. The development of successful scientific theories is strengthened by the ability to allow for the integration of increased abilities to evaluate each hypothesis proposed by the theory. It is eminent that the integration of successful evaluation methodologies is essential in the development of ultimate faith in scientific theories. This can be reflected in the Orem's theory, which allows for the utilization of simplified methodologies towards the evaluation of its relevance. Such backgrounds contribute grossly to the development of convenient nursing options for the medical world. It is apparent that the development of the Orem's theory focused on achieving these assertions. This is with regard to the structure upon which it is developed. The simplicity in deduction plays a contributory role in the development of effective adoption models for the theory. Upon evaluating the streaking points that seek to define the perception upon which the theory is developed, it is essential to identify the details that jolt the theory. Apparently, Orem's theory is founded on three principle assertions that can be defined as the sub theories to the main idea. Amongst these is the theory of self-care, a theory that seeks to improve the standards upon which health care can be improved. This aspect of the general Orem's theory seeks to identify health care as an international religion subscribed by each individual. The central aim rests at ensuring that the perceptions of safety (with regard to health) are not solely based on the shoulders of the nurses but to the patients, as well (Barbosa & Severinsson, 2010). The theory seeks to re-cluster the whole ideology of effective health by distributing it to the individuals that stand to reap the utmost benefits of effective health care practices. This refers to the patients who can be defined as ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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