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Mental MENTAL HEALTH PSYCHOSOCIAL INTERVENTION April 11, 2013 Psychosocial Intervention Introduction In working with a patient, who you know is a frequent flier (a patient who has had numerous admittances to the hospital for same problem). You will need to review his past medical records and the interventions that worked and did not work in previous admissions…
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Mental Health psychosocial intervention assignment
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Download file to see previous pages The patient stated that he also hears voices that he can control as long as he does not drink and stays on his medications. Patient had stated that he had bouts of depression and has had suicidal ideations. The patient knows that he needs to be compliant with his medications and has been known not to take his medicine. In thinking about new therapies for this patient you as the nurse, doctor or as a therapist should think to include more psychosocial interventions to make him feel comfortable, so that he will want to continue to take his medications and not want to drink that he knows causes his various problems. The caregivers should think about Social training groups, relaxation skills, and various activities that will improve coping skills. When the patient first arrives at the hospital for the coming admission you could ask him if he remembers doing any of this before to see about his level of consciousness. Working with any patients like Gary the caregivers should try to figure what Coping Mechanisms should be used and not used. You will have to identify the problem and set up a goal that will help the patient learn how to deal with his problem or problems. You know that the patient has recurring depression, is an alcoholic, and he says that he hears voices and can at time become violent due to these voices. The caregivers can think of ideas that can give the patient social support and strength so that he will not rely on the voices he hears. You can check into the resources that did not work and find out why he did not use them and then you can try to find new resources that may work. Case Study Gary a 51-year old male with previous admissions, but has decided to discharge himself from the hospital AMA (Against Medical Advice). The patient has a history of Depression due to financial stress and due to this stress he drinks alcohol so much that he suffers from alcoholism. The patient admits to have suicidal ideations and has even taken an overdose of his medications. This is the reason that is being admitted this time. Due to this overdose due to feeling stress of his financial problems and then he drinks and aggressive issues arise and the patient gets into fights when the patient hears the ‘voices’ in his head telling him to hurt other people. The patient does admit that he can control the ‘voices’ when he is compliant with his medications, but when the patient is intoxicated his mental status decreases and could become violent. The patient does not always seek help in the community due to his past behaviors. Discussion of Psychosocial Interventions A review of psychosocial interventions begins with Erikson and for this patient, Gary, he needs to work on trust versus mistrust. The patient must want and feel trust with the caregivers while in the hospital and then he must feel comfortable in his community when he is discharged from the hospital. The patient must also work on autonomy versus shame and doubt. The patient can do this by wanting to learn about the how and why that his medications must be taken regularly and that he can learn to do this on his own and that he does not have to worry about his financial problems, because he will be given ideas that will help him in the community. The patient feels alone and this brings on depression and then the drinking and all the other problems and if the patient ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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