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Specialist Psychosocial Intreventions in Forensic Mental Heslth - Essay Example

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Forensic Mental Health Name XXXXXXX Professor XXXXX Institution XXXXXX Course XXXXXXX Date XXXXXXXX Psychosocial issues in any healthcare practice are important to observe and understand. Different fields in Medicare have various characteristics through which they view the issues…
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Specialist Psychosocial Intreventions in Forensic Mental Heslth
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Extract of sample "Specialist Psychosocial Intreventions in Forensic Mental Heslth"

Download file to see previous pages It is important to go through the various aspects in the field in an effort to understand it even more. Forensic Psychology is understood as a mixture of both psychology of the brain and the legal psychology in any given location. The field is important in that it assists in the assessment and the understanding of people that may be diagnosed with a mental condition and involved in crimes (Ryan, 2007, 98). The field developed after the acknowledgement of the fact that many people had been sent to prison and were not in the proper state of mind. This has had scientists involved in finding means through which these sick people can be sent to mental institutions for the resolution of their issues other than send them to prison to suffer. This is from the fact that they do not deserve a sentence and their mental conditions should stand up in court. Diversion is a major part of Forensic Mental Health (Samuels, 2011, 167). This is a term that is used to refer to the change of custody of a patient with extreme mental conditions from the legal Justice System and straight to the health system for assistance. Psychosocial issues have been of great importance with relation to forensic mental health. Psychosocial issues are the ones that relate to the mind in a psychological manner and thus directly link to Forensic Mental Health. ...
hosocial issue in that when these people do not feel at ease with the person, he begins having ideas that he is all alone and that nobody is interested with his company. This may put the person in a worse mental state and drive him to committing another crime of which the justice system does not act on as leniently as the first case. Another sector that has a big role to play in terms of psychosocial issues is the police department. This is from the fact that these officers are the ones endowed with the responsibility of ensuring that the patients are safe from many external and dangerous forces (Velvet, 2010, 11). It is common for people of the public to get mad at a person who committed a crime and instead of having a prison sentence is released from having mental problems. Police officers should ensure that they take care of this issue by assuring the patient of safety in an effort to ensure that they are comfortable. Police officers have been termed as the most important people when dealing with forensic mental health patients. This is from the fact that they have much power accorded to them and have the freedom to discipline any citizen that may be a danger to him and others. Forensic mental health patients have very many issues and it may occur to them that they carry out acts that may have them in compromising situations. When in transit headed to a mental institution or any other place that they may be taken to after committing a crime, they may decide to run away or otherwise resist the transportation. Police officers thus have the ability and power to discipline the patient in different ways (Francis, 2010, 197). This does not appear wrong in the eyes of the public seeing as the one beating the patient is a police officer. If the person disciplining the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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