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DIMENSIONS OF INTERPROFESSIONAL PRACTICE By Code University name Date Introduction In order to give a good account of the coordination of work between the various medical officers and other players involved in the upkeep and monitoring of patient’s activities, I chose the Gibbs model because it gives an elaborate path or roadmap towards a good reflective representation (University of Cumbria 1988)…
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Dimensions of interprofessional practice
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Download file to see previous pages As well known, the role of the medical officer is to monitor, inform, mobilize, link, investigate among other responsibilities ( Freeth & Copperman 2009). Description The event involves the treatment of Mrs. Weber who is a 70 year old patient with multiple health disorders. She was admitted into the hospital due to her shin injury after a fall and it required immediate treatment. According to her medical history, she suffered from osteoarthritis and hypotension that became a fundamental cause of her repetitive falls resulting in shin injury and development of fear for mobilization. I called the social worker handling Mrs. Weber’s case and two specialists from the fall clinic, to help in her treatment since they were more conversant with her case in addition to her health care service provider. Feelings The adaptation of new rules governing patients-health officer relationship is a first step to interprofessional collaboration in the healthcare sector (Miers Barrett & Clarke 2005). As would be expected of health care providers, the staff accorded the patient the best treatment and basic rules were observed. The rules stipulate that the nurse is in charge of coordinating the activities between the doctor and the patient, I felt that the rules housed the input of the nurses and support staff in regards to the whole inpatient registration and sign in process. Moreover, the organization had considered the role of junior officers, thus bring onboard a third group of specialist under my scrutiny for this essay. Subsequently, the necessary bond between working colleagues had been cemented to create space for harmony and teamwork in the performance of the daily activities (Gilbert 2005). Proper team work ensured that the nurse in charge consulted the specialists, and the social worker participated in the handling of the patient. I appreciated the contribution of the process due to the immediate care that Mrs. Weber got from the whole team. Evaluation According to my analysis it was evident that the relationship between the various key players, ensured that quality health care was given to Mrs. Weber’s. According to, an interprofessional relationship is a relationship between members of a team who have different professional education, identity and socialization ( McDonald & McCallin 2010). Moreover, in every organization, it is the responsibility of every member of the team to make sure that their contribution is valuable and helpful. Therefore, for interprofessional collaboration to be effective in healthcare organizations, players ought to work in harmony and an interact manner and this was the case in his organization (Meads Ashcroft Barr Scott & Wild 2008). For professionals to work efficiently without conflict, communication and willingness level should be realized. The communication process does not only involve the transfer of messages between people, but involves understanding and decoding of the information to come up with a conclusion. Hence, communication between different players improves the relationship amongst professionals (Scott Lewin Espin & Zwarenstein 2008). In reference to the case, if the communication path was inadequate, information would not have reached the different players consulted on Mrs. Weber’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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