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The Dimensions of Interprofessional Practice (Reflective commentary) - Essay Example

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The Dimensions of Inter-professional Practice [Pick the date] Contents 1.Introduction 3 2.Feelings 3 3.Evaluation 4 4.Analysis 5 5. Conclusion 7 6.Action Plan 7 References 9 1. Introduction The event involves treatment of Mrs. Weber who is a 70 years old patient with multiple health disorders…
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The Dimensions of Interprofessional Practice (Reflective commentary)
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Download file to see previous pages Therefore, we requested the services of her health care service provider so that we could have necessary details. I was assigned with the task of gathering her medical history while Mrs. Weber was being provided with preliminary treatment which included necessary dressing to cover and heal her wound. Considering the history of Mrs. Weber, I called social worker handling Mrs. Weber’s case and also two specialists from falls clinic so that necessary input can be received regarding patient’s current life style, Osteoarthritis problem and fear for walking. For drafting a reflection of this event, Gibbs’ framework for reflection is being used (Oxford Brookes University, 2012). Although there are various methods available for reflective writing but Gibb’s framework provides a highly synchronized and systematic approach to elaborate, discuss and evaluate the event in the light of practical experiences and theoretical approaches. 2. Feelings Being a nurse, it became my responsibility to ensure that all the members of this inter-professional team that included a social worker who was Mrs. Weber’s caretaker, two specialists from falls clinic and my attending, remain in complete contact. ...
2010). This idea was a reflection of directives provided by NSF Standards 2001 by DoH. According to these standards, necessary interventions should be introduced to ensure that elderly patients are enabled of living their life in a healthy manner. Furthermore, it was important that impacts of illness and disability must be reduced and all the other barriers to healthy life must be mitigated. According to Mrs. Weber’s caretaker, she didn’t use any external mobilization support. She was taking medication from local community doctor as well as some unregistered homeopathic doctor. This intake of medicine from multiple sources made me suspicious about her medicine intake and her present health condition. 3. Evaluation Careful analysis of patient’s case revealed that Mrs. Weber had a hypotension problem that was accelerated by polypharmacy as she was taking medicines from NHS representatives and a local homeopathic doctor simultaneously (Hovard and Avery, 2004). Excessive intake of diuretic resulted in high blood pressure leading to repetitive falls (Lewiecki and Watts, 2009). Furthermore, due to these falls, she had developed a fear of mobilization. An interesting input was given by the psychiatrist of falls clinic. According to him, diuretics increase the extent of urination. Since Mrs. Weber finds it difficult to move independently and does not use any sanitary pads, she urinates in her bed or other places resulting in low self-esteem. The social worker responsible for Mrs. Weber’s care added that Mrs. Weber prefers to remain isolated from the family, community and external contact. Due to these multiple factors, Mrs. Weber has become a patient of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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