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Name: Institution: Date: Case study, nursing Background Personality behaviors are lasting patterns of perceiving, connecting to, and reflecting about oneself and the environment. They are portrayed in an extensive range of vital individual and social backgrounds…
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Download file to see previous pages These disorders are not officially identified in patients less than eighteen due to the continuing growth changes. But, if the disorder is persistent and if the criteria are completely and constantly fulfilled and are not restricted to a growth phase, detecting borderline personality disorder in teenagers and kids is proper. Historically, BPD has been perceived to be lying on the margin between neurosis and psychosis. It is typified through marked unsteadiness in functioning, mood, affect, interpersonal links and sometimes reality test. This disorder was conceptualized in 1975 by Kernberg to describe a collection of patients with specific prehistoric defense systems and pathologic object associations that are internalized. Case study The client is a forty four year old woman with a borderline personality disorder (BPD). She has a history of frequent presentation to the hospital. In addition, she has accommodation issues; legal Avo on her by her daughter, her legal status is involuntary. She is well known to police, poor coping skills, has concrete thinking also deemed as OHS hazard, finances under the financial management order, her medications as listed sodium valproate 500mg BD, pantoprazole 20mg mane steraline 50 mg mane, PRN med TDS ibuprofen 400mg. She also has allied support issues. History of client’s diagnoses The client felt emotions often, more profoundly and for prolonged periods. In addition, she had a history of reinitiating and even lengthening her emotional responses for longer periods. As a result, this took her a long period to go back to a steady emotional baseline after going through a strong emotional experience. The client was exceptionally happy, idealistic, and affectionate. However, she at times felt besieged by negative feelings, going through deep anguish rather than sorrow, disgrace and humiliation rather gentle embarrassment, anger instead of displeasure, and fright instead of anxiety. The client was particularly responsive to emotions of isolation, rejection, and apparent failure (Boyd 459). The client as well demonstrated impulsive traits regularly. The diagnoses reported repeated threats of self-harm, where the client’s history revealed that she has attempted to commit suicide several times. She as well portrayed impulsive conduct especially excessive drinking of alcohol. The client has a history of getting involved in unsteady relations, which regularly resulted to emotional ruin. These included abuse of alcohol and having sexual relations with several partners, changing jobs regularly, shoplifting, quitting relationships and self-harm. Self-injury or suicidal conduct is among the basic diagnostic condition in the DSM IV-TR. Recovery and management of this behavior is difficult and demanding. The reasons reported by the client to self-harm and attempting suicide entails articulating anger, creating usual emotions, self-punishment and distracting herself from emotional anguish or hard situations. The client had problems of concentrating often. The strong feelings of individuals with borderline personality can render it hard for them to regulate the focus of their concentration. She demonstrated dissociation in reaction to a painful episode and in cases where she remembered a painful experience. This involved directing complete or partial concentration away from the episode. Though this helps in relieving painful feelings, it repressed the usual experience of feelings, and reduces the potential of patients with borderline ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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