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Personal Philosophy of Nursing My personal philosophy holds that nursing is a professional occupation and calling that is primarily concerned with the alleviation of suffering through the provision of compassionate and culturally sensitive care to patients, their families and members of the wider community…
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Personal Philosophy of Nursing
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Personal Philosophy of Nursing My personal philosophy holds that nursing is a professional occupation and calling that is primarily concerned with the alleviation of suffering through the provision of compassionate and culturally sensitive care to patients, their families and members of the wider community. Nursing to me is an occupation that includes individuals trained to offer nursing care services with due regard to respect, integrity, dignity, and compassion. As a calling, I believe that nursing has everything to do with helping those in need irrespective of their status in society, religious affiliations, or health conditions. It is not a profession or occupation that anyone can just engage in for the reason that it is directly concerned with the preservation of human life and therefore bears with itself great responsibilities. I believe that every member of the society deserves to live in good health and must therefore receive the highest possible quality of nursing care whenever in need. In other words, those who are in need of medical or nursing care must be accorded individualized care and attention as suggested by Jacksonville University (2011). As a nurse, I also believe that it is vital to maintain compassion and understanding on the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of patients so as to foster their quick recovery. The nursing theory that my personal philosophy of nursing is founded on is Joyce Travelbee’s Human-to-Human Relationship Model. According to the theory, a nurse seeks not only to provide physical care or alleviate physical pain but also ministers to the whole person (Current Nursing, 2013). The theory further states that the proper concern of a nurse is related to the existence of spiritual, mental, or physical suffering. In light of the theory, the provision of good or quality care for patients greatly depends on the relationship that exists between the nurse and the patient. Better stated, the two must gain the respect and trust of each other and build a good rapport. The need for good care toward the patient is a core issue in the human-to-human relationship model. One of my core beliefs in relation to nursing is well aired out by Travelbee in her words, the “purpose of nursing is to “assist an individual, family or community to prevent or cope with the experience of illness or suffering, and if necessary, to find meaning in these experiences.” (Current Nursing, 2013, par. 14). Nurses have the responsibility of using their clinical knowledge and judgment in offering services to their patients. Acknowledging that patients have a role to play in their wellbeing, I feel that nurses should encourage patients to participate actively in their personal care. Being servants of the community, nurses should enlighten patients and members of society about diseases, treatments, and how to maintain good health for a quality life. Nurses have a role as community health leaders. In this respect, they should live as role models, and good examples to members of society. My core values include compassion and care. In the course of nursing, one needs to maintain an attitude of care and compassion at all times as they deal with the sick and their loved ones. This is especially the case when providing palliative care which comes with a lot of emotional distress for various parties. In relation to care, I believe that first and foremost, nursing is about people. Therefore, in the provision of nursing care, focus must be placed on the individual with due regard to all facets of their life. I believe in the sanctity of life given as emphasized by my religious/spiritual background. Life in my view should never be taken away by an individual whatever the situation. This being the case, I am opposed to such things as abortion (except when the life of a mother is at great risk), euthanasia, and suicide. In terms of ethics, I hold that the principles of Beneficence and non-maleficence should be upheld by all nurses. Beneficence in this respect relates to the need for nurses to do whatever is beneficial to their patients and their families (UCSF School of Medicine, 2013). Non-maleficence, on the other hand relates to the need for nurses to refrain from causing harm to their patients (UCSF School of Medicine, 2013). Irrespective of their emotional conditions, the nurses should refrain from the temptation to cause harm to their patients instead reminding themselves of their obligations to them. This must be so considering that one of the main obligations of nurses to their patients is promote the patient’s welfare. Yet again, nurses need to ensure that the confidentiality of the patients is maintained at all times (Beauchamp & Childress, 2001).) with a few exceptions applying to this requirement. A patient’s confidential information may be released to a third party if the nurse is compelled by law to do so or if they are of unsound mind and therefore their loved ones need to make certain decisions on their behalf. A professional nurse must be committed to lifelong learning not only through formal training but also through the application of theory in practice. In so doing, nurses will be able to professionally evolve as they learn through evidence-based practice and apply new technologies without stagnating in their beliefs as noted by Mitchell (2006). As an aspiring nurse, therefore, I am committed to enhancing my knowledge of nursing both formally and through hands on experience. I envision myself learning by reading books and journals and other literature, interacting with other professionals in the medical field, and by engaging with patients and their loved ones. It is my wish to learn something new every day and to enhance my skills by putting into application whatever I learn. I greatly believe that my personal and professional value systems are greatly in unison. References Beauchamp, T. & Childress, J. (2001). Principles of Biomedical Ethics. New York: Oxford University Press. Jacksonville University (2011). School Of Nursing Mission, Philosophy and Program Outcomes. Retrieved from Mitchell, G. (2006). Evidence-based practice: Critique and alternative view. In W. Cody (Ed.), Philosophical and theoretical perspectives for advanced nursing practice (4th ed., pp. 271- 277). Sudbury, MA: Jones and Bartlett Publishers. UCSF School of Medicine (2013). Beneficence vs. Nonmaleficence. Retrieved from Read More
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