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Nurses Role in the Field of Health Care - Essay Example

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Nurses’ Role in the Field of Health Care [Name of Student] [Name of Institution] Introduction Nursing refers to the care and special medical attention given to patients as they convalesce. In the healthcare discipline, nursing plays a very significant role in enhancing patients’ recovery even as treatment progresses…
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Nurses Role in the Field of Health Care
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Download file to see previous pages Professional nurses require a legal system that regulates their professional and or ethical activity. In addition, there are professional bodies that are responsible for admitting different professionals into the mainstream practice after training and certification. Nursing regulatory bodies admit these professionals into the profession after assessing and evaluating their suitability to become professional nurses. Professional nursing and Nursing stereotypes A professional nurse should embrace patients as well as the loved ones/caretakers in good faith. They should not only be willing but love their work to succeed in caring for patients. Services to patients should be put first before any other thing, financial interest included. In addition, nurses need to be presentable at all times (Allen, 2001). The appearance of a nurse should always be pleasant to everyone as this will be interpretive of the quality of service he offers. Nursing has been invariantly labeled as a career for the feminine. The public views this profession as a reserve for the female gender and should not be ventured into by the males. In fact, some of the male nurses have been labeled as pansy and their sexual orientation questioned. Moreover, nurses are also viewed as subservient compared to the medical professionals and often seen as sub-standard workers to the physicians and effeminate type casting on the male nurses. Plainly speaking, nursing is not entirely a feminine affair. Both males and females have the capability to pursue this career as a choice. Secondly, nursing complements other healthcare skills and not necessarily subservient to them. Without nursing, the role and successes of the medical doctors are largely limited and may hardly operate. It is important to note that the disciplines in the medical loci are intertwined in terms of roles and none is subservient to the other. Role of Nurses Unknown To the Public A nurse acts as the patient’s advocate. For instance, a nurse will always support the needs of a patient first. The public is usually unaware of this role of nurses. Secondly, unaware to the public, nurses are involved in the spiritual wellbeing of the patient. It is quite essential that patients are counseled and guided spiritually according to their beliefs; such acts would include bible discussion and spiritual uplifting through prayers and meditation, depending on the beliefs of the patient in question. Among nursing theorist that are real role models to current and aspiring nurses is Dorothea Orem. This assertion is due to fact that many nurses always embrace her theory of “self-care being a basic human requirement.” Orea asserts that people are distinct individuals and should be primarily responsible for their own care before eventually “devolving” care to other members of the society (Gordon, 2005). Nurses and Medical Doctors At personal levels, many nurses do not confide to the opinion that nursing as a career merely involves following up instructions from doctors. Instead they implement the instructions given to them by doctors. This function they do not do blindly but in line with their professional skills and trainings. They are not being ordered on what to do; rather, they already have the knowledge of everything required of them (Larrabbee, 2009). Nurses are also responsible of the well-being of their patients (Nettina, 2001). In fact, the recovery of patient ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Nurses Role in the Field of Health Care Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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