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Organics food:are they safer More nutritious - Assignment Example

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Organic Foods Abstract Organic foods are safer and more nutritious than non-organic foods. This paper defends this argument by probing into what factors make a food organic. First of all, an introduction has been given as to what organic food is. After that, how a food is made organic has been discussed by describing what organic farming is, so that the reader may get an idea how organic farming is based on natural processes rather than artificial ones…
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Organics food:are they safer More nutritious
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Download file to see previous pages Such chemicals make the foods lose their natural quality. If a product is labeled “organic”, it means that a government-approved certifier has approved the quality of the food. This certifier has inspected where the food came from, to ensure that the food is, in fact, organic. Although it is not scientifically proven how an organic food is more healthful than non-organic food, but it is believed that since organic foods are grown in the most naturally possible way, thus, they are better for health than non-organic foods, whether grown at small scale or large. This report argues that organic foods are safer and healthier than non-organic foods. Organic Foods are Safer and More Nutritious Whether organic food is safer and more nutritious than non-organic conventional food is still a debate, but some studies, that have compared the organoleptic quality of both types of foods, have shown that organic food is better in taste and healthfulness (Sample, 2007). Two factors are responsible for this: higher levels of antioxidants and lower levels of average crop yields. When the aim is high crop yield, farmers tend to ignore the organoleptic quality of the crops. Availability of nitrogen to foods is also influential upon the quality and taste. Conventional farming involves lower levels of such antioxidants, thus, the integrity of cells is affected. Higher levels of nitrates tend to spoil the food. Since organic foods have lower levels of nitrates, and relatively higher levels of antioxidants, they have longer life when they come to market shelves. There have been many studies comparing organic and conventional apples for taste and quality; and, researchers have found that organic apples come out better, because they store better, are crispier, and juicier, no matter what the method and length of storage is. Due to better nutritional value, it is very beneficial for people to start their own organic farming at small scale, in the vicinity of their own homes. Literature suggests that doing so not only reduces the cost of food production, but is also right according to sustainable living, because the naturally grown food is in compatibility with the natural environment. Organic farming is a result of enhancement in natural biological cycles in soil, crop, and livestock. For example, nutrients that are cycling in the soil have to be properly managed; natural predators of crop pests have to be encouraged; and, natural immunity in livestock/animals has to be developed. Soil fertility is enhanced through nitrogen fixation by legumes. Soil organic matter is improved. Pollution is avoided. Organic farmers make sure that the production is never sprayed with chemicals, insect repellents, synthetic hormones, and other synthetic sprays, so that the quality remains at its highest level. Hence, organic farming is done under natural processes, and non-renewable materials used as fossil and fertilizers, are avoided. All of this effort results in better quality food, which is nutritious as well as safer as compared to non-organic food. Conclusion Since organic foods are produced by reducing the loss of nutrients from the environment, maximizing ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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