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Health disparities - Essay Example

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This essay discusses the symptoms of health disparities, which are mostly observed in developing economies. It also discusses the causes for such problem, the possible methods of preventing and the role of nursing in delivering effective care for such patients…
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Health disparities
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Extract of sample "Health disparities"

Download file to see previous pages This research paper “Health disparities” examines the health issues in the modern day context. One of the important findings that can be observed from the article that the prevalence of health disparity in the form of osteoporosis is quite high amid the women belonging to Switzerland and is anticipated to raise dramatically in future due to the significant factor of aging population. However, there are certain strategies or policy interventions that can be followed in order to deal with one of the imperative health disparity of osteoporosis. The strategies might include screening and assessing fracture risks relating to the health disparity of osteoporosis. Health disparities are often considered to be one of the critical issues in the modern day context. It is generally caused due to improper treatment of various individuals along with various discrepancies. It has been apparently observed relating to the article that the women in the US are largely suffering from the health disparities of BDM and osteoporosis at large. It can be stated that one of the major reasons for the occurrence of the previously mentioned health disparities is aging population that is mounting extensively in the US. Furthermore, smoking has also been identified as the other chief reason for creating such health disparities. Health disparities can be reduced with promotion of personal dignity along with responsibility of a person. They can also be improved through establishing effective communication. (Kutner, 2006). Moreover, the health disparities can be improved through maintaining the instructions prescribed by medical specialists. In this similar context, there are certain effective strategies that can enhance the health of the Swiss women who have been suffering with the critical health disparities like BDM and osteoporosis. One of the effective strategies for the population i.e. the Swiss women who are extremely suffering from BDM and osteoporosis is the intake of calcium or vitamin, either in the form of diet or exercise. Apart from intake of calcium or vitamin, the population suffering from the aforementioned critical health disparities can also enhance their health through performing weight-bearing exercises (The Joint Commission, 2008). It can also be stated that the application of mammography-screening can also be used as an effective strategy in improving the health disparity of BDM and osteoporosis amid the population of Swiss women. This particular screening would lessen the aforementioned health disparities by conducting screening tests in the initial stage enabling the patients to keep fit (Lee, Mountain & Koenig, 2001). Addressing Similar Health Issues for Women Population The women population in the US facing health issues such as BDM and osteoporosis are required to experience certain significant treatments to keep themselves free from such critical health hazards. It can be affirmed that the patients suffering from osteoporosis and BDM are required to have proper treatment concerning their bones. The treatment regarding such health issues can be addressed in accordance with primary intervention. In this regard, relating to BDM, it can be addressed through conducting general screenings for lessening the risk of fractures. In the context of tertiary prevention, different aspects like mobility aiding, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Health Disparities Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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