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Community Statistic Data - Research Paper Example

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Community statistical data overview Institution Course Name Instructor Date The purpose of this study is to give a comprehensive community assessment report touching on the concerns, strengths, and conditions of Dallas. It investigates a wide range of statistical information that shades light into the broader community of Dallas…
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Community Statistic Data
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Download file to see previous pages The city is large with a local market hosting 6.37million residents according to the demographic report of the area in 2010. This paper provides useful information on the City of Dallas by investigating the community’s wellbeing such as the health sector and the living standards. Through analytical interpretation of subjective and objective data collected on the community this reports analyses this data and outlays a critical report that covers various segments of the community. These sections include the education background of the city, economic indicators, ethnic and racial mix-up and the city’s morbidity and mortality rate. The report also focuses on some of the factors that may be of concern to the residents of the community such as the crime rate and its frequency in the community. All this information is used to come up with a diagnosis of the community to determine its advantages and limitations on the overall health of the community. Subjective data Following the Windshield survey and interviews conducted on the community, which involved talking to some key informants from the city of Dallas; there were two major health concerns that were of concern. The first major health concern in the area is the air pollution, which comes from them the activities of the Midlothian big Industrial firms. According to a government report released in November 2012, the main concerns from the pollution include children exposure to lead which lowers their IQ levels. The other health concerns from the pollution are heart and breathing problems especially for those suffering from Asthma (Loftis, 2012). The second health concern in Dallas community is the high rate of traffic accidents in the community. Dallas, as many would tell it’s a city meant for driving; each day there are more cars on the road with hundreds of people moving into the city and out (D Magazine , 2009). This phenomenon is a negative setback to the community as it increases the mortality rate, which negatively influences to the community’s economy. The findings from the interview process with key informants in the area such as the police indicated that around 40 percent of the accidents are a result of drunk driving. Reckless driving caused 33 percent and driving above the speed limit resulted in 30 percent of the accidents (D Magazine , 2009). Objective data support To clarify the subjective findings from the windshield survey and the notable concerns highlighted above; statistical work had to be incorporated to have a clear picture of the situation. Statistical data was drawn from various governmental departments of concern, and other relevant sources of concern such as City-Data and reports done on the community by experts. The objective data found concerning health issues was as highlighted in the following segments: demographic, economic, racial/ethnic, Education, Morbidity, and mortality statistics of the community as a whole. Demographic data In Dallas community, the demographics indicate that the population as per 2011 was estimated to be 1,223,229 compare to the previous year of 1,197,229. The majority of the community comprises of persons between the ages of 18 to 65. The ratio of women to men stands at 50 percent. Population change stands at 2.1 percent per ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Community Statistic Data Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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