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Critique of Research Article: Nurse Staffing Is an Important Strategy to Prevent Medication Errors in Community Hospitals - Essay Example

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Name Student’s Registration Number Introduction When it comes to patient care, it is absolutely essential that care givers are able to provide current best practices in conducting their job. This is aided by proper understanding of current research trends and reports in order to put it into practice…
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Critique of Research Article: Nurse Staffing Is an Important Strategy to Prevent Medication Errors in Community Hospitals
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Extract of sample "Critique of Research Article: Nurse Staffing Is an Important Strategy to Prevent Medication Errors in Community Hospitals"

Download file to see previous pages The purpose of this discourse is to attempt to qualify such research in order to enable evidence based practice. Here, the author aims to critically appraise a research carried out in a community hospital titled “Nurse Staffing Is an Important Strategy to Prevent Medication Errors in Community Hospitals” by Frith et al (2012). Consecutively, the research will examine the research problem, the literature review, ethical considerations, sampling and sample, the research design and analysis. Finally, the paper concludes with an appraisal of how the research methods and authors’ discussion addressed the research question.   Research Problem Frith et al (2012) carried out a study to examine the relationship between nurse staffing and the rate of medication errors. The authors point out that although ensuring medication safety is a preserve of all healthcare providers such as the pharmacist, doctor and nurse; it is the nurse who is likely the final contact between the patient and an error. Nurses often perform many duties and giving medication is just one of those duties, which is often hampered with interruptions and failure is always possible. In relation to that, Hendrich et al. (2008) demonstrated that nurses spent 35% of nursing practice time on documentation activities and less than 20% on caring for patients. This time demands create inefficiencies and delays in care, which increases the chances of medication errors. Elganzouri, Standish &Androwich (2009) established that during every administration of medication, interruptions were caused by other personnel, misplaced medication or further patient needs. In instances where the nurses are few relative to patient needs, Kalisch, Landstrom & Williams (2009) observed that nurses often neglected to follow some steps or took shortcuts to accomplish tasks, which may compromise patient safety. Additionally, other research studies have shown that several nursing students lack good numeracy skills or are apprehensive about mathematical skills at undergraduate level (Brown, 2002; Glaister2005; Greenfield et al, 2006; Jukes & Gilchrist 2006; Sredl 2006) and also postgraduate levels (Calliari 1995; Harne?Britner et al 2006). This often translate into nurses who do not know how to calculate drug dosages correctly (Polifroni et al 2003; King 2004; Ferri and Snyder 2005; Grandell?Niemi et al 2006). This factor is important as it brings a contradiction to the authors’ premise that an increase in the number of registered nurses (RNs) rather than licensed practitioner nurses (LPNs) translates in fewer medication errors simply because they are more educated. Purpose of the Research The purpose of carrying out this research has been clearly stated by Frith et al (2012) as examining the relationship between nurse staffing and the incidence of medication errors on medical-surgical units. Considerable research has been conducted in this field, but no conclusive evidence has been realized in identifying effective staffing levels to optimize patient care and reduce errors (Schmalenberg & Kramer, 2009). The purpose can be accomplished as the researchers aimed to match staffing data e.g. nursing hours per equivalent ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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