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Legal Aspectos of Nursing - Essay Example

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Legal aspects of nursing Name Professor Institution Course Date Question 1 Mr Garcia’s case entails a set of nursing principles. A significant figure of the protection principles were subject to violation. In this case, the violator of the nursing principles was the psychiatric unit…
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Legal Aspectos of Nursing
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Download file to see previous pages The nurses had an obligation to attend directly towards Mr Garcia. This required a definite attention after his confinement to the restraints. The measure would definitely prevent the ultimate accident that occurred to Mr Garcia. The principle of collaborative relation was involved in this case. This principle entails a set of implications and recommendations to the nurses. The principle of collaborative relation advocates for effective communication. Communication in this setting involves a complete understanding of underlying contexts of the patient’s health (American Medical Association, 2010). Therefore, the nurses ought to seek suggestive feedback from the patient. This move will enhance a proper understanding of the underlying context of the patient’s health. Physical and emotional reactions are key observable variables to determine the state of the patient’s health. Nurses should also offer an open and safe environment for the patient. Evidently, communication was highly deprived at Garcia’s case. This was a violation of collaborative relations principle. Authentic affiliations are also a key domain under the collaborative relation principle. Nurses ought to focus on helping the patients achieve their physical, spiritual, or even mental needs. This is an attribute that did not exist in Garcia’s case. ...
Nurses have an obligation to avoid instances of retaliations from the patient at all times (American Medical Association, 2010). In Garcia’s case, the nurses violated this principle. Through their negligence to Mr Garcia, they enhanced existence of retaliation. Retaliation was evident on the instance of confrontation from Mrs Garcia. She involved the police out of her pain and retaliation towards the nursing unit. Respective relations were a principle that was involved in Garcia’s case. Evidently, it was highly violated. Mr Garcia’s case also entailed an immense involvement of the Medical necessity principle. This principle stipulates maximum provision of health from the nurse. Nurses ought to offer prevention, diagnosis and treatment to the patients. This principle presents medical care as a basic necessity towards the patients (American Medical Association, 2010). In Garcia’s case, the nurses had an obligation to study his condition and implement immediate mechanisms for health attainment. Probably, the nurses would conduct an immediate diagnosis to him at the soft restraints. Abandoning and depriving him direct one-to-one attention was a violation of the medical necessity principle. Therefore, the principle of medical necessity was involved in Garcia’s case. Administrative simplification was an additional principle that was involved in this case. This principle equips the nursing unit with an urge to simplify sophisticated communication systems. This enhances coordination and clarity within the entire nursing unit. The principle also stipulates that the nursing unit should engross a harmonious allocation of roles (American Medical Association, 2010). Therefore, shared governance is a major objective of this principle. Every ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Legal Aspectos of Nursing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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