Powerlessness in Amongst Nurses - Research Paper Example

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There are diverse issues that enhance powerlessness in amongst nurses. The rampant rate of turnover and resignation by staff is attributable to powerlessness. Powerlessness also attributes to diverse situations in the unit…
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Powerlessness in Amongst Nurses
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Download file to see previous pages Managers have a tendency to overlook the internal conflicts that exist amongst the staff. Nurses experience intense conflicts amongst each other, and they require an arbitrative party to resolve the rivalry (Manojlovich, 2007). When the conflicts are highly persistent, the nurses develop a negative attitude towards the workplace. They feel that situations will remain conflicting. Consequently, the nurses do not anticipate changes and harmony within the workplace. The negative attitude amounts to a feeling of powerlessness in the workplace. Powerless staff will relieve their negative feelings amongst each other (Carpenito-Moyet, 2007). This is according to the oppression theory. Evidently, conflict and powerlessness have a direct affiliation in the workplace. Lateral violence is also a key attribution to powerlessness within the unit. This vice amounts to bullying. Most of the minority nurses experience much adversity from majors within the unit. In this case, the majors oppress colleagues with demeaning tasks (Russell, 2012). Consequently, the patient care is significantly deprived due to the impaired relationships that exist within the staff. Powerful groups extremely humiliate and exploit the powerless groups. Nurses invest in lateral violence in the quest for power. Consequently, they render their colleagues powerless within the workplace. ...
Nursing proficiency is a source of power within the unit. Expertise has a definite positive impact to the nurses’ self-esteem. With the advancement of expertise, nurses attain a sense of authority (Manojlovich, 2007). Expertise and proficiency are attainable resources within the confines of the unit. Nurses encounter diverse challenges and experiences that enhance nurse expertise. Attainment of knowledge and skills within the unit accredits the nurse with professional influence to other workmates. In this case, the nurse with expertise will mentor and train newly recruited staff. They are in a capacity to provide a mentorship affiliation with the incoming workforce (Porter-O'Grady, 2009). Consequently, the experienced nurses gain power to induce skills to the recruited nurses. Expertise power amounts to healing supremacy. It transforms the lives of the patients significantly towards healing and recovery. Therefore, expertise elevates the power to care for the patients. Ethics and expertise are evident sources of power within the unit. Question 1c Nancy has an obligation to encourage the nurses towards empowerment. She also has an obligation to resolve the unwanted behaviors within the unit. Nancy ought to spell the impacts of negative relationships. This would involve specific and relevant examples within the nursing unit (Carpenito-Moyet, 2007). Therefore, Nancy should illustrate the ramifications of abusive relationships amongst the nurses. For example, Nancy would outline the impacts of the negative relationships to the patients. She would achieve this by showing the high mortality rate and deprived care towards the patients. Through this illustration, the nurses would be encouraged towards healthy ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Powerlessness in Amongst Nurses Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words. https://studentshare.org/nursing/1469103-case-scenario.
“Powerlessness in Amongst Nurses Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/nursing/1469103-case-scenario.
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