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Elder Abuse and Psychosocial Simulation - Essay Example

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Elder Abuse and Psychosocial Simulation (Name) (University) Elder Abuse and Psychosocial Simulation At first there was no established rapport between the interviewer and the client as the interviewer appeared not to be collected and poised. In setting the stage for the interview, the interviewer should have started with broad opening proclamation, in order to permit the client to initiate the direction of therapeutic session…
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Elder Abuse and Psychosocial Simulation
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Download file to see previous pages Afterwards the interviewer remains alert and moderate in asking questions (Knapp, 2007). In terms of non-verbal actions the interviewer applied broad leads, such as neutral expressions. The intention was to support continued talking by the patient. However, the interviewer placed less time on open body posture. In terms of making observations, the interviewee appeared tense, especially in what appears to be some biting of the teeth. Nevertheless, the interviewer showed interest in the patient issues and still managed to come across as relaxed, by attempting to shift her body posture to a small level. The interviewer was trying to display an interest in what the client was saying. Gestures in some instances became an issue due to misinterpretations arising from the two diverse cultures. In addition, voice also became an issue due to timing and tempo since in some instances, the interviewer pitch and inflection did not bring out an understanding (Wachtel & Wachtel, 2011). The interviewer applied non-verbal actions such as open facial movements displaying empathy as a part of intentional efforts to communicate experiences of suffering. For instance, the use of verbalizing implied thoughts such as the interviewer voicing what the client appears to have fairly evidently implied, instead of what the client had really said (Wachtel & Wachtel, 2011). The intention was to make conscious of the unconscious (Quinn & Tomita, 2002). Secondly, the interviewer applied neutral responses, and this displayed some interest and involvement in what the client was saying. The exact use of silence and some cases voice-tone was meant to offer time for the patient to present thoughts and feelings into expressions. The silence enabled the patient to verbalize while regaining composure. The interviewer seemed a little bit nervous initially when the camera gear was being setup, and this then reflected on the client sense of edginess. This was evidence by overusing of reflection which then made the client a little bit annoyed when her own words and statements were being continually repeated. However, as the interviewer began conversing with the client, she got somewhat more comfortable as both of them established a good human connection. The interview began with a chatting session with the client prior to the camera rolling. The intention was to first gauge the client awareness of the questions and then let him think about any solicitous responses. The caregiver managed to leave the room after a couple of questions were asked and she felt reassured about the interview session. However, the caregiver seemed to possess more ability in encoding the client emotional outlay. In particular, she was able to accurately decode the client body movements and voice-tone cues. On the other hand, the client did not know how to make clear his feelings, and he seemed to hold back tears at times while pacing and fidgeting, maybe because he feared that he will be labeled crazy. In wrapping matters up, I provided cues to the client that the session was coming to an end before summarizing the key answers and then thanking the client for his time. The interviewer was fairly comfortable with the questions concerning abuse and neglect as she used extensively reflective listening, while reacting with affirmative proclamations. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Elder Abuse and Psychosocial Simulation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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