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One of Solution of the Problem of Elder Abuse - Engagement with the Social World - Research Paper Example

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The paper "One of Solution of the Problem of Elder Abuse - Engagement with the Social World" highlights that low social support is positively correlated with elder abuse. Therefore, Aciemo et al. found that interventions which target poor social support might be effective in fighting elder abuse…
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One of Solution of the Problem of Elder Abuse - Engagement with the Social World
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Extract of sample "One of Solution of the Problem of Elder Abuse - Engagement with the Social World"

Download file to see previous pages While there are many causes of abuse, certain populations have been shown to be more vulnerable than others. According to Naughton et al. (2011), the populations which are especially at risk for abuse include women, and people who have low income and/or low social and health support. For instance, they found that the elderly in Ireland who lived on the minimum pension of £219 per week was over twice as likely to experience mistreatment as those who are living above the minimum pension. People with below average health, according to this study, were three times as likely to experience mistreatment as those people who are not experiencing below average health. People with poor social support are five times more likely to experience mistreatment as those with high social support, according to this study. Moreover, Naughton et al. (2011) also singled out perpetrators, finding that adult children made up 50% of the abusers and that 77% of abuse happened in the elderly person’s own home. Cooper et al. (2008) also studied who was most likely to abuse elderly individuals, finding that caregivers are often perpetrators of abuse, as they found that 25% of the elderly who are dependent upon a caregiver has experienced psychological abuse, and one-fifth of these elderly have experienced neglect. They state that one reason for this might be caregiver stress or because of the behavior of the elderly abuse target. Moreover, they also found that professional caregivers, in particular, exhibit a high rate of abuse behaviors – according to their study, 1/6 of professional caregivers reporting committing psychological abuse, and 10% of these professional caregivers have admitted to committing physical abuse. Although these numbers are high, they are lower than what is seen across the board with caregivers, finding that part of the reason for this is because professional caregivers only have a limited number of hours which are devoted to caregiving. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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