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Literature Review Author Institution Literature Review Introduction Literature review refers to the account of literature published about a topic and accredited to researchers and scholars. The literature considers critical points of the current knowledge including substantive findings and both the methodological and theoretical contributions to a certain topic…
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Literature Reviews/Theoretical & Conceptual Frameworks
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Download file to see previous pages An effective literature should be well organized and related to the research question. It should synthesize summary results and identify controversial areas in literature. As such, it helps in identifying problems related to the study. It observes the work done by literature and enables to identify mistakes that have already been done by a researcher, and avoid the repetition of the same. Any new research is dependent on past knowledge, and a literature review, which is organized well, helps in establishing the credibility of the research. Furthermore, literature review enhances the disclosure of the appropriate theoretical structure for the study to enhance the understanding of the study. The research question is judged by critical analysis of the literature review (Merriam, 2001). Theoretical and Conceptual Frameworks Theoretical Framework A theoretical framework is a manuscript that synthesizes the related concept and the existing theories of an empirical research in order to develop the basis for development of the theory. The theoretical framework makes distinctions between the quantitative and qualitative studies. The quantitative methods entail presentation of a theoretical framework in a more elaborate way that is relevant, and is specifically designed to test the theory. The qualitative study may also use the theoretical framework. Theoretical framework entails the presentation of certain theories such as self-efficacy, system theory and conceptual and empirical work. It can also be described as the scaffolding, the structure and the frame of the study. The structure is related to the disciplinary orientation of the author and the literature which is related to the investigated theory (Creswell, 2003). Conceptual Framework The conceptual framework ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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