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Interview with policy marker - Essay Example

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Interview with Policy Maker Name: Course: Presented to: Date: Interview with Policy Maker Policy maker Question asked Policy maker’s Response Remy N, LMSW senior Clinical License social worker with Green Oaks psychiatry Hospital What patients do you mostly meet?…
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Interview with policy marker
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Download file to see previous pages Such patients have to be making about 1800/year, and be diagnosed with mental disability. Income is all the same the major factor as they have to be making 1800/year According to the Healthy People 2020 report, one of the main aims is to reduce the homeless people. How does your facility do to ensure the same? The homeless patients are kept in boarding homes, or in other shelters How do the boarding homes, halfway homes, or shelters help in maintaining the individuals’ stability? Patients in these homes have access to continued care, they are seen by a psychiatrist on weekly basis who are paid by the government. This is in accordance with objectives the Healthy People 2020 program that aims at increasing medical practitioners contact with patients. According to you, what is the main drawback preventing your clients from receiving care? And what role should the government play in increasing the care given to your clients, as outlined under the Access to health services Objective in the Healthy People 2020 project? Sometimes it gets frustrating to give essential care and shelter to a patient with no insurance cover. Funding becomes the biggest drawback; this patient population is mostly ignored due to mental illness. Therefore, shelters have serious limitations in receiving and caring for fixed number of patients according to availability of funds in issues related to behavioral health. In an epidemiology study carried out by Pratt (2012), data from a 2007 National Health Interview survey of 23, 393 adults indicated that 35% of adults with a history of mental illness had a history of homelessness. Do you believe this is a reality? And what can be done to reduce this problem? The future of the homeless depends on the ability of the government to offer more funding. The homes carry out a census of the homeless at the beginning of each year, aimed at determining funds required to assist each of the homeless. The problem is that the shelters are greatly underfunded, which is major challenge. One of the legal implications in accessing health care services is the requirement that Insurance coverage is the principal means of measuring whether one gets adequate access to healthcare among the general population, limiting the chances of the above mentally ill patients, who are usually unemployed to obtain such important services (Healthy People 2020). 2. Policy Maker Question Asked Response obtained Eno- Obong E. Senior case manager with VA community based care These questions focused on the objectives of Healthy People 2010 to improve access to community based education programs in aiding to reduce hospitalization and management of chronic diseases. 1. 1 Health is more influences away from the facility where most of the population spends most of their time. As a case manager working for the patients in the community is this statement true? I concur with this statement from my experience in the field. Before, we recorded much higher emergency visits even after implementing the home health nurse program. However, with no education on how to manage chronic diseases and access to community resources, patients still continued to be sick. The facility therefore helped in exacerbation on the long term health needs of patients accessing such community health based resources. What is the most critical service that you give to the community to reduce emergency visits, and ensuring increasing access to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Interview With Policy Marker Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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