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Perspectives of Young Women from Disadvantaged Backgrounds - Coursework Example

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Actually, this is a paper intended to critique as well as summarize a research paper titled ‘Planned’ Teenage Pregnancy: Perspectives of Young Women from Disadvantaged Backgrounds in England by Dr. Lester Coleman and Suzanne Cater Published in Jan 2007. …
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Perspectives of Young Women from Disadvantaged Backgrounds
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Extract of sample "Perspectives of Young Women from Disadvantaged Backgrounds"

Download file to see previous pages The British government, as well as their United States counterparts, have come up with measures of ensuring that cases of young girls conceiving pregnancies are reduced substantially. The UK government introduced the Teenage Pregnancy Unit whose primary included the provision of sex education and contraceptive to young people (Daniel and Ivatts 1998). Though the measure has been put in place to reduce the teenage pregnancies, their occurrence rate of remain high in the western world with a vast number being unplanned. Conversely, there exists a number of teenage pregnancies that are planned. These cases attract lesser attention from researchers and policymakers as well (Greene 2003). When a teenager gets pregnant, the most considered options are either continuing to carry the unborn child or procuring an abortion. In most cases, teenage abortion is influenced by personal choices rather than the individual teenager's moral views.
According to Murrays (1990) argument, some teens plan pregnancies with an objective of getting access to welfare services. Counter-arguments have been put forward against such assertions. Most notably is Allen and Bourke-Dowling (1998) argument that asserted that most of the teenager live with their parents at the time they conceive pregnancies. Montgomery (2002) identified the needs and wants that would likely drive teenage girls to want to conceive pregnancies. Amongst the needs identified included financial and the needs for stability amongst others. The wants identified included independence and maturity as well as wanting something to call their own and look after.
The paper reports of the motivation and influences that are closely related to planned pregnancies amongst teenagers. At a deeper level, it critically evaluates the considerations associated with the teenager decided to conceive pregnancies. This research of planned will serve to help stakeholders working with teenagers and teenage parents to understand the factor that may encourage a teenager to want to conceive pregnancies.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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