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This essay stresses that COPD, an abbreviated word meaning chronic obstruction of the pulmonary disease is in itself a gradual disorder, disease that worsens with time. It is more often than not caused by cigarette smoking, either as a result of past history of heavy smoking…
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Download file to see previous pages From this study it is clear that to understand this condition, it is vital to revisit the mechanism of gaseous exchange as a process keeping in mind the paths through which the gases inhaled or exhaled flow through. Physical examinatonn is the process by which a researcher uses their senses to gather and collect data that is objective to the research that they are doing. It is a very important step in the treatment and caring of COPD patients. For this process to be successful, the researcher has to have good assessment skills that will ensure that the physical examination is successful. Before the beginning of the research, the researcher has to define the normal findings so that incase an abnormal findings occur, the researcher is fast in noticing. The history of the patient that is being examined is also very important. There are four main approaches to physical assessment. This is inspection, percussion, palpation and ausculatation. Inspection approach is one of the preliminary stages for this assessment and involves patients being checked in an overall manner so that the health care professional can detect any abnormalities. This process is very critical and should never be skipped as it ensures that a strong base is set for the assessment. Palpation is the process where the professional uses his/her hand to make an inspection on the patient. This has one major limitation that the professional has to be very experienced in the palpation process otherwise wrong results would be given. Percussion follows and the professional taps the area that is affected to hear the sounds that comes out. It also needs a lot of experience. Auscultation s the process where the stethoscope and listens to the various sounds that are made by the affected parts. This has one major advantage that it does not require a lot of knowledge and experience to write. A research done by Edmunds to find out the effectiveness of various physical assessments was done in 2007. According to the study the main aim of the research was to find out the best approaches to use in physical assessments. The research found out that there were very many setbacks for this assessments and that there were many corrections that are needed in this field. The main correction that needs to be done are on the palpation stages. This is because most of the professionals performing this action are not qualified for this and as a result, they give out wrong information. The most important communication skill that the research proposes is best for physical assessment is assertiveness and proper listening skills. This ensures that the professional detects different conditions that are affecting the patients. Communication skills are also vital to the treatments of COP. Being assertive is one of the communicative skills that are necessary for the health professional to have During the inspection of inhalation of air by the patient, the gaseous mixture accompanied by the aforesaid pollutants pass through to the wind pipe downward to the bronchiole tubes.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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