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Evaluation on pulmonary rehab audit - Dissertation Example

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The standards of British Thoracic Society are currently not yet within reach of Lymington New Forest Hospital partly because of a need to strengthen the Pulmonary Rehabilitation (PR) Team with adequate number of Specialists, with an organization clearly supported by the doctors of various specialties, official policies and procedures, additional training with the use and interpretation of Spirometric Test Results, and the required protocol or standard operating procedures to recognize the top priority of life maintenance and care for COPD patients…
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Evaluation on pulmonary rehab audit
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Download file to see previous pages This dissertation has endeavoured to prove both the existence of such high standards in the practice of Pulmonary Rehabilitation and the lack of adequate means for LNFH to meet those standards. A random sample of 47 patients revealed insufficient assessments and records of assessments. However, it is very clear from reviews of many doctors who published their findings that PR should improve the quality of life of patients through an improvem......
The present lean Team made up of only two (2) Specialist Nurses and one (1) Specialist Physiologist at LNFH did not have weekly records to control. And the main task was just to encourage patients to exercise at least twice a week. To see improvements, the standard has been to try and be able to prolong those exercises or increase the distance and time for walking as well as to gather positive feedback through the accomplishment of Chronic Respiratory Questionnaires (CRQs). Pulmonary Rehabilitation programs at LNFH consist of physical cardiovascular and strength training, disease education, and nutritional, psychological and behavioural intervention. The benefits should eventually include the improvement in exercise performance, health status, dyspnea, increased quality of life and reduction in use of health services. The Respiratory Assessment Unit of Lymington New Forest Hospital provides a Pulmonary Rehabilitation Service (assessment and management) to the Hampshire PCT (SW) population, following referral from Consultant, GP or Practicing Nurses following national standards. Phase 3 (supervised programme) and Phase 4 (ongoing lifestyle change management programmes) are available on an out patient basis. It delivers pulmonary rehabilitation at two sites, namely, Lymington New Forest Hospital and Hythe Hospital. This is to maximize capacity and offer a geographically more suitable location for patients. The course runs for eight weeks, on a rolling basis to improve compliance, and consists of exercises to improve limb strength and cardiovascular fitness. After a period of recovery and relaxation where refreshment is served and an education session is delivered based on the following core ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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