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Nursing Capstone: An Analysis of an Advanced Role in Professional Nursing . - Clinical Specialist - Essay Example

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Nursing Capstone: An Analysis of Clinical Nurse Specialist Name Institution Date Nursing Capstone: An Analysis of Clinical Nurse Specialist Background Hamric (2008) defines a clinical nurse specialist (CNS) as an expert clinician working in a specialized field of nursing…
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Nursing Capstone: An Analysis of an Advanced Role in Professional Nursing . - Clinical Specialist
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Download file to see previous pages Educational For an individual to be considered a legitimate Clinical Nursing Specialist (CNS), Duffy et al. (2009), assert that they are required to possess a graduate degree (Masters or Doctorate) in nursing. The graduate level should reflect clinical application of the CNS concept. If a person lacks graduate training in CNS, they are required to compensate by acquiring a post-master’s certificate within three years after the date of hire. Practice Dissemination of the specialized skills and knowledge possessed by CNSs is focused on three prominent areas; patient/family, nurses/the nursing profession, and nursing organizations/systems (Lewandowski and Adamle, 2009). CNS partners with nurse managers in promoting leadership in the clinical practice. They also act as coordinators and guides to the nursing projects or activities in clinical areas. CNSs are responsible for collaborating with other members of the health care fraternity to design and implement efficient and cost effective care strategies. Some of the specialty areas purported by Lewandowski and Adamle (2009) as identified with CNS include population e.g. adults, disease or medical specialty e.g. cancer, the setting e.g. emergency room, type of care e.g. psychiatry as well as the nature of the problem e.g. eating disorders. The main role of CNS is the provision of direct patient care. The specialist also collaborates with the nursing personnel in a wide variety of ways in ensuring effective delivery of care services. They utilize their expertise to perform roles related to clinical, education, consultancy, research and leadership. This improves the quality and cost-effectiveness of the medical services offered to patients as well as the professional development among nurses. CNS can be practiced in a wide range of settings such as community health settings, educational institutions mental health settings, long term care facilities as well as private practice. Certification Requirements According to Duffy et al (2009) and Goudreau & Smolenski (2008), CNSs receive certification through American Nurses Credentialing Centre (ANCC) as well as other specialty organizations. Potential candidates are required to fulfill all the certification requirements before applying for the exam. Issues and Challenges One of the prominent challenges faced by the CNSs includes difficulty in the implementation of scientific findings (Fulton, Lyon and Goudreau, 2010). The modern advances in medical technologies allow medical researchers to generate standards and accurate findings for the people working in the medical profession. However, CNS may find it difficult to implement the research and analyzed information into the actual clinical practice especially in critical disease cases. The CNS practice may also be faced with low staff levels that place more performance demand on the inadequate workforce; making implementation difficult. The specialist may also lack adequate training on efficient and professional techniques of implementing the scientific findings. CNSs may also fall victim to conflict of roles. The clinical nursing specialists belong to a diverse category of advanced practice nurse practitioners, certified nurse midwives and nurse anaesthetists (Leary et al, 2008). Their roles overlap with that of other practitioners in research, education, consultancy as well as administrative functions. Ambiguity of roles complicates the integration ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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