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Managing data and information as a nurse infromatics specialist - Essay Example

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Managing Data and Information as a Nurse Informatics Specialist Name Professor Institution Course Date There is a number of considerations that are made in the process of Database management within the usual nursing field, which encompasses the collection of data from numerous patients and the record keeping process that is crucial as each and every detail counts…
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Managing data and information as a nurse infromatics specialist
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Download file to see previous pages Informatics and information technology specialists, as well as assistance of nursing technicians are utterly important in this field. The various databases are created for several purposes besides information management. One of the core competences resulting from such a system is marketing. A majority of patients mostly prefers institutions with an accurate and elaborate database. Besides, efficiency is another main advantage derived from the use of these systems. Majority of the databases is made to increase the speed and capability of the organization. Database systems are developed through a number of issues and a number of strategies that have been employed over a long period. These are mostly known as the dimensions of database construction. Several dimensions are used in the development of database systems for not only nursing but virtually all fields. The core field that will have to be assessed is the data transformation dimension, which is basically the main field in database construction. Database construction involves the development of a field, or a transformational item that will directly and automatically convert raw information or data into information that can be stored. For this part of the system, an already developed system for this purpose, say digital computers, or the usual computer system, and the development of servers to store data will be used. The server will store the information whereas the computers, connected to the servers will be used for as the access interfaces for the users. Besides the transformation of data, developing a dimension or criterion for information storage is vital and crucial, for instance, deciding who can access the information and who can alter the content in the information. The basic overall consideration that will be used in the development of this data management system is the basic and common use of fact tables. According to Langer (2007), basic use of data management tables and dimensional factual information is crucial in the development of database dimension systems. These systems basically involve the entry of information that has been crosschecked by a supervisor for certainty. The use of factual tables is the simplest data entry method used in most database systems, which allows even the least technologically aware employee to use the system after the use of basic training. The final dimension that will have to be considered in this case is the basic consideration of context. What information will be contained in the information system and what will not. Automatically, the information used will be of a digital and alphanumerical nature. This is judged through the consideration of patient information that has to be put in words and not only digits or amounts the client in question has consumed. Besides patients’ information, employee information, such as their experience and their applicability to the patients’ conditions can be used in assigning different nurses to different patients depending on their familiarity with the conditions in question. According to Roussel (2006), general nursing informatics encompasses the inclusion and use of various dimensions from nurses’ information, to patients’ conditions and information, their respective usage of hospital facilities, such as beds, electronics and other similar facilities. In addition to that, practically any nurse can use consideration the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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