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Informatics Nurse Specialists Name: Institution: Informatics Nurse Specialists Nursing informatics incorporates information technology (IT) and the skills of nurses in healthcare. It combines the science of nursing, information science and computer technology to improve the quality of the nursing practice through enhancing documentation, communication and efficiency…
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Informatics Nurse Specialists
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Download file to see previous pages The department where I work, critical care department, incorporates an information system referred to as subject-based system. In this department, patients who need intensive care are frequently relocated from other hospitals or other sections of the same hospital. The subject-based system captures and stores information derived from a patient's name or a medical record number. The system can also display information derived from a doctor’s name. For instance, doctors can see the list of all their patients who are currently in the hospital. It records all patients who have ever attended the hospital. The system is, in short, a database for all patients’ records. This system relates to nursing informatics in that the specialists also need to have background information regarding the patient that they are looking after. Hence, nurses also play a vital role in the development of this system. An informatics nurse specialist is responsible for collecting and analyzing data and planning the design of information systems. Informatics nurse specialists train and oversee the work of nurses and administrators (Ball, 2007). In this role, their aims would consist of improving treatment and administration regimens, workflow procedures, record keeping practices, and health decision-making practices. Some of the essential skills that informatics nurse specialists have are critical thinking, active learning, reading comprehension, system analysis, and system evaluation. Informatics nurse specialists use logic and reasoning to discover strengths and weaknesses of alternative answers, approaches, or conclusions regarding health issues (Ball, 2007). They understand the consequences of fresh information for both present and future decision-making and problem-solving. They need to have a proper understanding of complex sentences and paragraphs in job related documents. With regard to system analysis, informatics nurse specialists can determine the way a system should work and how changes in the operations, conditions, and surroundings will influence the outcomes. Also, informatics nurse specialists can identify indicators or measures of system performance and the actions required to correct or improve performance related to the objectives of the system. It is a necessity for informatics nurse specialists to have knowledge in computer and electronics such as chips, circuit boards, computer hardware and software, processors, electronic equipment, including applications and programming. Finally, they also need to have skills in educating and training others (Ball, 2007). This includes skills in teaching, designing, as well as instructing individuals and groups regarding nursing informatics. The expenditures of managing and processing health care information are a considerable element of hospital operating budgets. However, health care is far behind other industries in the successful application of information technology (IT). Nurses are the largest group of individuals who utilize health care information systems (Englebardt, 2002). Hence, enhancing nurses' information management competence will have a significant outcome. Informatics nurse specialists comprehend the technology and concepts of nursing information management, and they can offer operational and tactical benefits to nursing organizations. All nurses are known to be ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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