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Personal Aging process - Essay Example

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Ideas about Old Age Name Institution Birthdays and birthday parties are incidents that greatly appeal almost everyone. However, the idea of growing older does not appeal most people. This is because growing older naturally offers challenges. People need to accept and anticipate some limitations and a variety of losses…
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Personal Aging process
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Download file to see previous pages For instance, a research carried out on 660 people, those that had positive insights on aging lived 7.5 years longer on average (Cavanaugh and Fredda 2010). This was the effect of their perceptions with such factors as income, gender, health status, and loneliness under control. Most people view aging as an increased opportunity for illnesses such as blood pressure and heart failure. It is presumed that the old are more vulnerable to the most deadly conditions. As a result, many people view old age negatively. Another negative though associated with old age is the inability nature associated with it. The fact that old people cannot perform the most basic duties in life further results to the negative attitude. Unlike the youthful, aged people are not in a position to cook their food and wash their clothes. At advanced old age, the inability is increases. However, some positive things are associated with aging. Wisdom is one of the positive ideas that is associated with old age. This is one of the most valuable ingredients accompanying old age. It is a common phenomenon for young people to find and learn guidance from the older people’s lives, whether triumphant or tragic. The elder poses knowledge on how to judge a situation and make the most appropriate decisions. Age also comes with increases in confidence. A confident old individual incorporates the various skills acquired from the vast life experiences to perpetuate and demonstrate feelings on self-worth, healthy, and self-esteem (Cavanaugh and Fredda 2010. Old people also have an advantage of being more aware of themselves. They are in most cases content because they have a good balance between failures and success. They acquire a lot of practical wisdom from tragedy and triumph experiences, which provides a solid ground. A further positive issue associated with old age is that they serve as sources of historical past. Their recollections of historical events of significant impact demand for respect. They maintain primary positions in their ability to offer the community and family the significant sense of continuity in the past. They continuously provide remembrance of significant values that communities and individuals should uphold in the present and the future. Their presence is viewed as a connection between the past and the future (Palmore, 1999). Old age also comes with motivation in life. Older people are more aware than younger people, of how precious time is. They, therefore, desire to use it wisely. Enthusiastic interest in life promotes good health and inspires the younger generations. There are a variety of personal thoughts as far as aging is concerned. It is generally accepted that people are what they eat. However, people are also, arguably, what they feel and believe. Mentalities about old age are very prevalent today. Many people dread the thought of becoming older as a result of such negative mentalities. Three of the most common personal thoughts of old age is that elderly people are helpless, burdens, and incompetent. However, a study that was published in the journal of psychological science held that people that have such negative mindsets tend to be poorer as far as health is concerned. A third common personal thought about old age is people get more spiritual with age. This tends to give life more meaning. A fifth thought is that age often comes with respect. Most old people become source of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Personal Aging Process Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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