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Ethical Issues in Research - Personal Statement Example

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In the paper “Ethical Issues in Research” the author discusses communication of key findings in the research report as one of the important works of the overall research. Once the researcher obtains the key findings of the research, then it needs to analyze and present in the research report…
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Ethical Issues in Research
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"Ethical Issues in Research"

Download file to see previous pages Background: It describes the basic information and history about the programmes or the project which is being evaluated. Review of evaluation questions: This section describes the goals of the evaluation of the programmes. It includes specific evaluation questions and reasons for each question. Evaluation methods: These describe in detail the design and the process of the evaluation. This process of evaluation includes the major criteria used for selecting samples or the participants. It also explains the data collections approaches and the process of analysis of the data. Key findings: These are the main observation from the overall research programme which provides descriptions of the participants or the samples which include the demographics of the participants and the extent of participation. Conclusions: It contains the comparisons hypothesis of the research with the actual findings. It reflects the strength of the research programme identified in the evaluation and recommendation for further improvement of the work i.e. the process of finding the results. It also describes the limitation of the research process and the evaluation process. ...
A particular academic journal represents an in-depth analysis of a particular area of any subject. The main aim of this is to provide detailed analysis or information about a narrow topic of academics. An analysis is done in a much deeper level to find out the key outcomes and the limitations. Newspaper report: A newspaper report generally discuss the current or recent news or issues from diverse areas. It includes the accounts of eye witness for the happening events. Gene3rally newspaper reports answers almost all the questions like who, what, when, where, how and lastly the most important way. These articles are written keeping in mind the mass market knowledge base to understand and needful of the topic. These based on the study of the wide range of topic not in-depth research on a particular area. The main aim for this type of article is to make awareness of the mass about particular issues or detail facts which the readers need to aware of or sometimes they are interested to know to gain a wide range of knowledge. Section B Answer 1 The positivist research philosophy is derived from natural science and is characterized by hypothesis testing and development from the existing theories through the measurement of the social realities. This position assumes that the world exists for different externalities and objectives. The knowledge of the assumption is only valid if it is assumed based on the findings and the observations of any external realities and it needs to develop some theoretical models which can explain the cause and effectiveness of the possible outcomes.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Research : ethical issues the hands of British Petroleum (BP). This single incident has put the entire sea life under the threat of extinction. Even if the BP is heavily charged or fined for it, in fact, it has been heavily charged; but, it would not undo the impacts of that oil spill. That heavy fine or charge cannot bring back the same environment to sea life that was there before the oil spill. Additionally, some authors on the issue point out the irresponsible role played by the BP over the handling of the problem of spill over. Now, it is useless to point out BP or any one; important thing is that to what extent the business community gives importance to business ethics? It is there where the crux of problem exists. In...
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...?College Research Accounting and Finance Ethical issues report 3/30 Section A: Case analysis: The Quandry at PureDrug The caseof quandary at Puredrug is analyzed as per the 7 step model by American Accounting Association. Facts Puredrug, a large pharmaceutical company with operations and sales across the globe has been facing economic problems with decline in the market share and reduction in corporate profits. The company is having an opportunity to sign-up a contract worth $8 million with Philippines government for a drug named Travolene. However, tests conducted by the domestic government found the drug unsafe. Ethical issues Should we launch the drug...
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...? Ethical Issues in Research Publications Ethical principles are the basis for ethical analysis. They provide a viewpoint from which direction and counsel can be obtained. Ethical principles are goals that ethical theories try to attain. Public health ethical principles assure healthy conditions of people. Health can be affirmed as a physical, mental and social state of well-being. These codes of conduct guide the effects of work on the health of the community. Progressively the society demands denotative attending to health care ethics (Public Health Leadership Society, 2002). From...
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...? Ethical Issues in Undertaking Qualitative ResearchEthical Issues in Undertaking Qualitative Research Introduction The aim of this essay is to research on the ethical issues that arise during research, where in this case, study is on traffic accidents that occur due to driving while drunk. The paper entails the background information on topic under discussion, the ethical issues that one experiences during the collection of information and solution to these ethical issues as outlined by Dickson-Swift...
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...? Ethical Issues in Qualitative Research Ethical Issues in Qualitative Research Research is the process of collecting information and data regarding a particular issue or a social phenomenon (Gregory, 2003). In most cases, research aims at finding new information about a certain topic of study. Additional information of the issue or topic of study helps in establishing new and reliable information, crucial in the process. As a process, research relies on the participation of the parties involved in the research, which include the...
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Ethical Issues in Research
...ETHICAL ISSUES IN RESEARCH Introduction This paper will start off by explaining what ethics are. It will then illustrate how important it is to keepthem in mind while carrying out scientific or any other kind of research. Furthermore, it will explain the advantages of carrying out ethical research. It will discuss the problems, that is, the conflict between carrying out the perfect research and being perfectly ethical at the same time. Finally, it will take you through the codes of ethics and ways of promoting ethical...
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...think about stem cell research. Ethical issues are those that ask us to consider the potential moral outcomes of stem cell technologies, Legal issues require researchers and the public to help policymakers decide whether and how stem cell technologies should be regulated by the government and Social issues involve the impact of stem cell technologies on society as a whole. While stem cells can be derived from aborted fetuses and even adults, the best source for stem cells is the small clump of cells that compose the early zygote only a few days following conception. Stem cells can be extracted from very young human embryos -- typically...
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...Euthanasia or Mercy Killing Executive Summary: Before Research Mercy killing is one of the controversial issues in the current world because of the serious ethical issues involved in it. In our opinion it is difficult to take a position on this topic because of the sensitive issues involved in it. Mercy killing has physical and psychological dimensions. A person who is suffering from severe pain may like to finish his life to escape from the pain. At the same time, the agony about what is going to happen after death and the religious beliefs may prevent him from opting for mercy killing. In other words, mercy killing is an ethical...
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... Ethical Issues of race in medical research: The case of Tuskegee syphilis experiment. The Tuskegee experiment was a study in which syphilis was left untreated. The development of syphilis was to be viewed, and it was to be determined if the victim could get better on his own, without any treatment or cure. This was one of the most horrifying events happening in the 20th century, and was considered to be more driven more by hatred against the African-American community, than for scientific research. 399 African- Americans suffering from syphilis were chosen for this study, and 201 normal men were picked, who performed as the control for the experiment. The southern part of America, specifically Macon County in Alabama was picked... ....
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...Ethical issues in qualitative research Ethical obligations regulate professional and academic activities and research that involves human beings as participants or one that involves human interest is subject to various ethical issues and ethical dilemmas. I, in this paper, discuss ethical dilemmas in qualitative research, and some of the ethical issues that might arise in my study. Conflict of interest is one of the ethical dilemmas that face qualitative researchers. It occurs when a...
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