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Foot care for people with diabetes - Research Paper Example

Foot amputations have increased among patients with diabetes disease. In this regard, it is crucial to give practical strategies to manage feet in a diabetic patient. Health Beliefs The American Indians are extremely hesitant to agree and follow health recommendations from physicians. The population holds the belief that acceptance of diagnosis of severe illness limits chances of members of society from getting married. The population does not discuss severe health matters openly. The failure to deliberate on what they should do to manage illness leads to serious medical complications. Support System The support system is conspicuously lacking. The health beliefs of the American Indians have jeopardized efforts to support and save them from debilitating diabetes condition. Economic Issues American Indians face some economic issues. Statistics indicate that poverty persist in the Native American communities. The American Indians have fewer opportunities of securing formal employment. Identified/Preferred Learning Style American Indians prefer lifestyle that risks them from contracting diabetes. For instance, the population likes smoking, which is a risk factor that exposes an individual to diabetes. Lifespan Development Considerations The American Indian generation has faced financial constrains during their development. This has forced them to live lifestyles full of abject poverty. Compounded with health beliefs, it has been extremely difficult to get the right diet and information pertinent

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Diabetes is a condition characterized by elevated blood sugar levels, also known as hyperglycemia. The diagnostic symptoms of diabetes include increased frequency of urination, excessive thirst, blurred vision, tiredness etc.  In a normal person, special pancreatic cells called the beta cells produce insulin. 
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However, when the level of insulin decreases due to the lesser production by the islet cells or the resistance from muscle and fat cells in response to the insulin hormone, the sugar in the blood stream remains unused, which is reflected by the rise in the blood sugar level.
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Caring for the Elderly Adult with Diabetes
Evidently, a disease with such a high prevalence rate will be important in nursing care, especially with a disease such as diabetes which can lead to a huge number of complications when strict guidelines are not followed. There are a number of guidelines for best nursing practise when dealing with patients with diabetes, and special care needs to be taken for the elderly who may be more at risk of complications such as eyesight loss and foot ulceration.
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Diabetes is classified as a syndrome because it affects most of the organs in the human body resulting in other disease states. Diabetes is classified into types which are Type I diabetes mellitus and Type II diabetes mellitus. Type I diabetes mellitus mostly occurs at an early age and it is an autoimmune disease where the cells of the pancreas are destroyed.
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Diabetes Foot Care
It is essential to identify the main risks for the patients who currently don't have any foot ulcers, and to manage these risks as well as other factors when foot ulcers are already imminent. The significance of the risk identification is in the fact that it will prevent amputations, as well as allow effective preventive management for people with diabetes.
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Type II Diabetes
The United States keeps strong statistics on diabetes and reports that as of 2002, the total yearly economic cost of this illness
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Nursing Care Plan - Diabetes

The author states that health care practitioners should encourage and educate the Americans with regards to the importance of participating in regular physical activities aside from promoting changes in their lifestyle such as being more conscious with their diet and changing their personal point-of-view with regards to smoking habit.

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Diabetes and ways to prevent diabetes
There are three types of diabetes; type 1, type 2 and Gestational diabetes. Diabetes is the cause of death of many people around the world especially people above the age of 40. This paper will focus on the prevalence
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Identification of People with Diabetes

The NSF was chosen with the aim of improving the quality of care that is provided to individuals with diabetes despite their origin. The standard 2 shows that there is a firm evidence showing that, by assisting individuals improve their relationship with clinicians, provided with up-to-date information, disability and illness reduced.

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Diabetes type 2 treatment and prevention
This trend has resulted in people becoming overweight and obese, thus predisposing them to diabetes type 2. Type 2 diabetes mellitus has become a worldwide problem that has affected the economy of many countries. “Diabetes affects at least
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to alleviation of non-communicable diseases. Physical Needs that affect Learning Excruciating pain and impaired sensitivity severely affect the learning experience of the client. Often, diabetic client complain of deep and superficial pain that have adverse effect on their concentration. In addition, the patients face troubles in movement and writing. Failure to put down notes properly for future reference jeopardizes the learning outcomes. Psychosocial Needs that affect Learning The diabetes among the Indian American population is affected by psychological and social problems. For instance, diabetic patients experience high levels of depression, eating disorders, and anxiety. In addition, the patient cannot interact freely with the instructor. This remarkably affects the concentration of diabetic patients in teaching and learning process. Cognitive Needs that affect Learning Diabetes patients experience reduction in psychomotor efficiency and motor speed. The neurocognitive changes are attributable to reduction of white matter microstructure. The patients experience memory loss and difficulties in language processing. Readiness to Learn: The clients are not ready to learn under heavy pains. Clients with psychological and social problems do not concentrate in studies. The weak memory of diabetic patients has a negative effect on learning process. Teaching Plan Nursing Diagnosis: Caring the foot for the people with diabetes intends to eliminate diabetic patients on the best way to take care on their feet. The topic focuses on the American Indian diabetic population that has recorded high rates of feet amputations. Outcome Statement The learner is expected to know sound methods to care for their feet as one way of managing diabetic conditions. In essence, the learner should be competent to practice methods such as preventing foot injuries, selecting shoes that fits the learner well, and visiting a


Lesson Plan: Foot Care for People with Diabetes Name Institution Lesson Plan: Foot Care for People with Diabetes Client Initials: Mercy Hamilton Age: Sixty years Gender: 60 years Health Literacy: Low Level of Health Literacy Culture Identified/ Influences: American Indian Many American Indians embrace a diet that puts them at the risk of contracting diabetes disease…
Foot care for people with diabetes
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