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Diabetic Foot Ulcers in a Smoker Patient - Assignment Example

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The underlying purpose of this discussion is to provide the reader with a more informed understanding of the factors affecting the health of a diabetic as well as a smoker patient with a diabetic foot and strategies to maximize health benefits of such patients…
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Diabetic Foot Ulcers in a Smoker Patient
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Download file to see previous pages This research will begin with the statement that diabetic foot is one of the common yet preventable complications of diabetes that shows the increased risk of development because of the presence of certain risk factors. These risk factors include smoking as the highest contributing factor, due to the negative effect on the vascularity of the body. Identification and proper prevention and treatment are essential for the prevention of diabetic foot. Also, routine checkups and awareness programs are needed in order to prevent such rates from increasing. There is an expected increase in the future cases of diabetes around the world and concomitantly the complications associated with diabetes. This makes the prevention of further cases all the more important due to the increased morbidity and mortality rate associated with it. Diabetes is one of the most common and most serious types of the disease known to man. It is also one of the most costly diseases in the world because of lack of definite treatments and lifelong modifications in the patients’ life. Up to this date, there is no treatment for diabetes. Diabetes can only be prevented or, if diagnosed, directs to lifelong medications.  Refraining from carbohydrate-rich diets are also recommended. Patients with diabetes are more prone to diseases as their overall immunity decreases significantly and normal illnesses can become significantly complicated should a careful planning not take place.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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