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Geriatric Nursing Care - Essay Example

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This paper talks that geriatric nursing care involves painstaking observation of the patient, and administration of therapeutic modalities aimed at treating the disease condition as well as the complicated psychological state of the patient…
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Geriatric Nursing Care
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Download file to see previous pages Currently he has cellulitis and resultant wounds in the lower portion of both legs is causing severe pain for, which he is being administered Panadol Elixir in six divided doses in a period of 24 hours. Paracetamol is the chosen pharmacological agent for this patient due to his advanced age and likely occurrence of adverse effects if other pain relieving agents such as non steroid anti inflammatory drugs or opiod analgesics were used.The affected leg is kept raised to reduce the discomfort and the wound is dressed daily. The patient is however afebrile, has a blood pressure of 140/95, respiration rate (RR) of 20-37 and a heart rate (HR) of 80 beats per minute at the latest reading. His health parameters have consistently stayed at this level and are normal for a person at this age. However, as the patient has been a regular smoker with established diagnosis of COPD, he needs special care and oxygen therapy as and when required. History of a severe shingles attack shows that the immunity status is compromised and the patient needs to be kept away from any sources of infection, as his immune system may not be able to cope up with a fresh infection. The patient has already tested positive for methicillin resistant staphylococcus (MRSA) infection and has been treated for the same. Assessment of a patient is the most crucial step which determines the future course of action by a nursing practitioner. Assessment has been defined as the process of collecting, validating and clustering patient data in order to arrive at a broader picture which defines the future course of action (Dillon, 2007). It does not stop at the initial examination of the patient and perusal of...
This paper approves that the best method of chronic pain alleviation is however definitely the pharmacologic approach and the choice of the pharmacological agent should be through proper evaluation of the nature of injury, the type of pain and the physical/psychological characteristics of the patient. Drug dosage needs to be closely monitored and modified according to individual requirements with constant monitoring and careful observation. A holistic approach includes usage of non-pharmacological modalities such as physiotherapy and behavioral therapies.
This essay makes a conclusion that the actual problems afflicting the client are cellulitis, inability to breathe spontaneously, inability to take food on his own, festering wounds beneath the knees on both legs and general debility associated with old age. The contributing factors include excessive smoking in the past that resulted in COPD, history of testing positive for MRSA infection and hypertension. The prognosis for the patient is grave, as the presented co morbidities are difficult to treat at such an advanced stage of his life. Healing processes are slowed down during old age and the lack of immunity makes such patients susceptible to fresh infections. The initial therapeutic endeavor should be aimed at healing the wounds after which pulmonary rehabilitation can be tried. If the patient is able to overcome these hurdles, the PEG tube can be removed after he gains and strength and acquires the capability to eat normally and carry out his daily activities independently. He needs constant nursing care and psychological support until the therapeutic goals are achieved. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Geriatric Nursing Care Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words.
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