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Concept analysis on pain Name: Institution: Part 1 The practice of nursing brings practitioners to interact with disturbed people. There are different types and forms of disturbance. However, a sick person who opts to seek medical health is driven into doing so by an intrapersonal feeling…
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Concept analysis on pain
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Download file to see previous pages This concept is called pain. Pain is an abstract idea that is relative in nature. Different people define pain differently since there are diverse aspects of pain. However, the most universally accepted definition is that pain is a strong unpleasant bodily feeling or sensation such as caused by illness or injury. According to this definition, anything that causes the unpleasant feeling is an agent of pain and does so by damaging the body cells of an individual. Further, this definition indicates that pain occurs in two stages: the first stage is the sensitivity by nerve endings that a chemical change has occurred in the tissues and secondly the interpretation that the change is harmful. Another applicable definition of pain is that it is a mental suffering or distress. This is the most experienced pain. It has agents and its causes are as diverse as the complications of human lifestyle can ever get. For instance, the news about a loved one’s demise is painful and so is head injury in a road crash. The two give the ideas defined above; while one infers to a mental distress, the other refers to a bodily harm. Both inflict pain of different nature (Castle & Buckley, 2008). A more generalized definition of pain is “An unpleasant sensation and emotional response to that sensation” (American Academy of Pain Medicine, 2007). ...
Doctors treat their patients who are coincidentally compelled to go to hospitals due to intense pain. To doctors, pain is the uncomfortable feeling caused by bodily harm. The main role that doctors perform, therefore, is the reduction of the pain and the initiation of the healing and recovery process. This they do by the administration of pain killers and the antibiotics. Furthermore, doctors diagnose the disease thereby determining the cause of the pain and treating it. In so doing, they offer a permanent solution to the pain. There are different types of pain related to bodily harm in the practice of medicine. The most common being the occurrence of an infection. This refers to an inversion of the body by a disease causing organism. Until the organism is established and its effects eliminated, the victims experience intense pain. Additionally, pain results from accidents. This refers to the unintentional bodily harm which causes direct destruction of body tissues. It results in opened skins otherwise referred to as wounds. Theses hurt and cause intense pain. Doctors therefore stitch up the injuries and administer painkillers thereby reducing the pain while instigating the healing process. The cardinal rule that doctors follow when handling the issue of pain is that the patient is always right. This is based on the fact that it is the bearer of pain who knows where it hurts. Therefore, if a patient says that he or she feels pain on the lips, the doctor has to believe it is so even if there may be no physical signs to indicate the presence of pain. Notably, pain is always a subjective concept (McCaffrey, 1977). This means that pain is what the person experiencing it says it is. For example, a person can be subjected ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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