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Inserting Foley Catheters and Infection risks involved with them - Essay Example

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Topic: Inserting Foley Catheters & Infection Risks Involved Student: Course: Date: Professor: Abstract Self actualization is an important aspect of Maslow’s need theory which forms a central part of humanistic philosophy. This theory delineates self actualization which is the driving force behind reaching full potential and tantamount to self fulfillment…
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Inserting Foley Catheters and Infection risks involved with them
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Download file to see previous pages These considerations are based on evidence based practice (EBP) and associated with reduction of CAUTI risks and incidences in short term indwelling catheter patients. They include; educating staff on catheter management and monitoring of CAUTI incidences on regular basis, programs for prompt removal of catheters, cleansing of urethral meatus using perineal cleansers and maintenance of closed drainage system for urine. Introduction Self actualization is an important aspect of Maslow’s need theory which forms a central part of humanistic philosophy. This theory delineates self actualization which is the driving force behind reaching full potential and tantamount to self fulfillment. When basic and essential needs have been met, an individual moves to become self-actualized through doing what they are supposed to do. In the nursing context, this theory comes to life when nurses initiate the process of patient caring by using curative factors. By exploring self belief and utilization of caring processes, nurses usually achieve self actualization for themselves as well as their clients. In Foley catheter insertion, Maslow’s theory is important in that it allows the application of nurses’ education to cater for the medical needs of their patients. ...
Feedback by staff with regards to CAUTI prevention is very important coupled with principles of catheter care (Tenke, Kovacs, Johansen, et al., 2008; Trautner, 2010). Catheter Insertion and Removal There is mixed evidence that prompt programs for the insertion and removal of catheters can lead to reduction of CAUTI. However, a successful program needs to have different elements such as having a multidisciplinary team (nursing and medication). A team to control infection is important for catheter removal after 3-4 days. Besides these two, staffs also need to be educated about feedback of results and prompt removal of catheters (Trautner, 2010). Sterile Insertion of Catheter Evidence suggests that aseptic techniques such as use of sterile gloves, perineal washing and no touch techniques of insertion may very little influence on CAUTI and bacteriuria during or after indwelling catheter insertion. The use of aseptic techniques is often recommended as category II (Tenke, Kovacs, Johansen, et al., 2008; Willson, Wilde, Webb, et al., 2009). Routine Urethral Meatus Care EBP suggests that undertaking of meatal care by use of ointments or antiseptic cleansers should be part of genital and perineal care. Other studies have come with a contrasting opinion that shows the use of antiseptic agents may increase colonization of the meatal by bacteriuria which may increase CAUTI risk (Tenke, Kovacs, Johansen, et al., 2008; Trautner, 2010). Catheter Securement Apparatus Securement devices have little or no influence on development of CAUTI risks. However, further studies and research are needed on ability of securement apparatus to minimize CAUTI risks and urethral trauma (Tenke, Kovacs, Johansen, et al., 2008). Closed ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Inserting Foley Catheters and Infection Risks Involved With Them Essay.
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