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Risk management in advanced nurse practice - Essay Example

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When operating in a medical institution, both the patient and the medical practitioner are bound by legal terms. Additionally, the patient has an added advantage of being covered by an insurance company…
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Risk management in advanced nurse practice
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Download file to see previous pages The management of risk in health institutions is made depending on the code of operation of a specific practice. However, many state governments provide minimum requirements that each patient and practitioner must adhere to. In most cases the patient is given the freedom to agree or disagree with a certain mode of operation. For instance, before any critical operation, a patient should consent to it before it is carried out. If they are not in a position to do it, then the immediate family is given this mandate. However, there are exceptions if there is an emergency situation and there is no member of the immediate family to consult. According to O’Reilly (2009) when a medical practice fails to consider available options, a patient is entitled to compensation in any case of harm. Additionally, medical practitioners are not allowed to act under their own jurisdiction. This means that before any crucial medical step, the management of a medical practice should also be included in the decision making. ...
If the uncertainty was avoidable then the medic in charge should be doubtful. Nevertheless, this does not mean that the medic should be prosecuted for the mistake. Neglect on the part in the part of the nurse should lead to prosecution. However, in many cases on uncertainties the organization takes responsibility of the incident rather than letting a medic be solely judged for it. According to Jasper (2008) in case of any patient incident, a medical practitioner is advised to prepare a full report on the occurrences during the incident. To maintain its credibility, the author further argues that witnesses should be included in all medical reports. Liabilities caused can be fatal to the career of an advanced practice nurse. If it reaches to a point where a medic I challenged to a law suit, the consequences could also portray a negative picture on the medical institution. It is for this reason that medical institutions have in place a proper risk management team. Risk management in medical institutions is the best way to shield a practitioner from liabilities (Cornelison, 2008). Before enrolling into an institution, medical practitioners should review an organization’s mode of protecting its employees from liabilities. The relationship between an institution and an employee should be based on performance rather than operating conditions. Practitioners should be given the freedom to operate without being intimidated by the rules and regulations formulated by the company. Providing legal counsel to an advanced practice nurse should be based on how well they are protected from uncertainties. Working unions provide another option of cushioning from liabilities. Unions over the years have been referred as the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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